Any tips on urban camping?


I’m losing my mind in the city and am thinking of posting up in my tent for awhile to save money before running off to the woods. Any tips on urban camping?

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  1. Landscaping can often be great places to hide.

  2. Yeah ….head to the mountains.'s 74 and FREE camping up here!

  3. you should see the number of tents up around DC… in every park it seems. Apparently if you tell the police your homeless, you can do whatever you want there.

  4. I would Rather tell them I am Destitute rather than Homeless… Take me to Jail and feed me…

  5. Retirement at its Finest ??? Hence the question Mark

  6. Toss up your tent in the Mass Ave NW park across from GW Law School – and be prepared to show your Democrat voter card.

  7. Cant do it Hon

  8. I just do Not Vote

  9. Me Too, πŸ™‚ on getting a tent and getting outta here.

  10. I've never voted either…I've never admitted that to anyone!!

  11. Geez really? guys need to get involved. ..just like what happened today house Majority leader down….never has happened before…Every vote counted…..

  12. Our votes dont matter

  13. Wow really? Ask Mr. Cantor he lost his house Majority position and he is going home….I have always voted even though the last 2 didn't turn out good…I will be voting this November. ..and definitely 2016!..America is waking up!…

  14. My reason is more because I'm too much of a procrastinator lol…it's always last minute or too late..

  15. Joy, I think your post got hijacked. πŸ™‚

  16. If you don't vote, don't complain!

  17. I don't πŸ™‚

  18. If you complain or not or if you vote or not they dont care and it doesnt make a difference

  19. Votes matter. We can only be a democratic society if the general public stays involved! If government determines government, we lose "by the people for the people". Vote.

  20. Willard R Mayfield where are you? In which mountains? Sounds wonderful.

  21. There are a lot of blogs now for people that don't want to live in the typical brick and mortar home. Vandwellers is one group. If you look you can find info on areas in every state where you can camp for free. Lots of info out there. Lots of jobs as camp hosts this time of year too so you can get paid.

  22. Dee I'm in the White mountains of AZ.I spend the whole summer up here…lots of boondocking spots up here

  23. Cantor was not house speaker. Boehner is. Cantor was just next in line.

  24. Yep..Boehner is house speaker…Cantor was majority leader

  25. Duh…sorry fixed that getting old..I know full well who they both are…good call..

  26. Well i got the campin place ill be ready by frieday

  27. I may start with a tent – also looking into the mattress for the back seat of my truck. And taking the tent along too πŸ™‚

  28. Stay hidden.

  29. Don't need to hide where I go here in the forest. …

  30. Willard, you stay there for free?

  31. That is so cool. Where is this at?

  32. My 1962 Airstream came from Bagdad, Az.

  33. Willard, up on Sunrise?

  34. Not far from there…lots of places up here!

  35. oh yea, the 60 and the 260 is nothing but camping.

  36. Yeah and the 70 deg weather. …bonus!…67 right now…love it!…

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