Anybody use a cpap especially boondocking?


Hi help Please, Anybody use a cpap especially boondocking.

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  1. I don't, but I have a couple friends who do..

  2. What do you need help with?

  3. on the back of the cpap its has 120 volts 2.5 amps and 12 volt 2.5 amps

  4. whats does this mean.

  5. Should have a cigar lighter plug for 12v power….all you need is a 12v outlet in your bedroom.

  6. ok thanks have to put one somewhere.

  7. Tap off one of the 12v bed lamps

  8. You should be able to buy a 12v power cord. I've only used mine once outside of my house, I used a small power inverter and a battery.

  9. Depends what kind of CPAP you have…mine doesnt take just any 12v cord..I have to order a special one that costs between $90-150. for now I use the inverter recommended by the company.

  10. Great question, great responses. This is one of my biggest concerns about getting started boondocking.

  11. you can run one with a good power source without worry.

  12. my wife does we have a 500 w power inverter and a solar panel it even runs the ac

  13. I have a friend who had a similar issue with CPAP and boondocking. She said she increased her battery capacity and solar. Basically you need more watts. 120V x 2.5 amps = 300 watts per hour x say 8 hours in 2400 watts. So you need that plus some. You can look at a set of batteries and what kind of capacity/how many watts can it deliver per hour. You'll find you need quite a robust system. A solar power shop can calculate all this for you. Good luck and post how/if you solved the problem.

  14. my CPAP manufacturer had a fact sheet on their website for people who travel with their machines. According to it my machine will use 58amps in 8hrs at my settings and if I use all the features. I planned my solar with that in mind

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