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Beware of a corroded diode… stops the Oil Pump from working…


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  1. does the warning light from the dashboard light up when the diode breaks?

  2. From my experience, the capacitor (as above) breaks due to vibration. The diodes corrode if they get water inside the heatshrink. I’ve mounted my capacitor remote from the plug (under the seat) and I intend to encapsulate the capacitor and diode pack (separately) in resin to effectively waterproof them. In the UK it’s called Potting Compound. May be called something different where you are, but Google will know!

  3. Cameron Graham sent me water proofed replacements as a precaution. My original ones had heat shrink on them.

  4. That’s a capacitor.

  5. Where is this located on the Betas?

  6. Does this happen on 2016?

  7. Both the diodes pack and capacitor are located behind the left rear side panel, behind the air box with the diodes ty’wrapped to the frame. The capacitor isn’t secured – or it wasn’t on mine. A 2016 to answer the other question!

  8. Just happened on my 2017 300rr as well dealer sent me a replacement which I made a little more water tight. My bike only has 50 hrs about 600 miles.

  9. Where is this located on the bike?

  10. I have a 2017 and this is how it looks (stock) its wrapped so im guessing im safe?

  11. Matt Thompson

  12. Replacing the diodes. No real reason to double up – it’s just because I can. These diodes are rated to 8amps each These should be sufficient.

  13. All connected

  14. Heat shrinked (shrunk??)

  15. Capacitor too.

  16. Finished articles.
    50 gramme potting compound packet more than enough. It’s messy – the epoxy fluid is thinner than I expected, similar viscosity to gearbox oil. "Mould" made from a bit of tube I had lying around. Plastic waste pipe would be ok but it’s a bit thick which limits where it can be sited on the bike.

  17. Well done, Mike! I still find it hard to believe Beta would think this was acceptable to sell like this. It’s built-in failure. You should sell these. I’d buy one!

  18. Checked my diode wires and they were nearly eaten through! Capacitor was fine as I had taped it up from new. With a little searching and thanks to Mike Price and Yoram Solomon just found and ordered all the parts: diodes, capacitor and both connectors on ebay UK for u00a317.27. u00a31.27 more than my local Beta dealer but then they and Beta UK are out of stock! Wonder why? Separately ordered potting compound and adhesive lined heat shrink.

  19. Diodes have a voltage drop across them in the forward direction, but I am OK to take the hit with that. Battery charging at 14.1 volts. Potting compound is designed for this service and has good (but not great) thermal conductivity so I’m not worried about heat dissipation. My original plan was to fit double the amount of diodes i.e. four in place of each original one, 2 in series as shown, plus another 2 in parallel to give superior voltage, current and therefore power handling. When it came down to doing it, I just CBA 🙂
    I was able to thread the new diode lead into the original pin clamp, then soldered the wires together. You can see that I’ve cut the plug body down for better access and to give better solder access as one of the leads was corroded quite a bit.
    My experience with removing pins from plugs / sockets isn’t good!!

  20. Pins are not difficult to get out of the connector with a pointy probe like a scriber. If you plastic dip the finished assembly it is really no different to being heat shrunk.

  21. Only reason I can see for parallel wiring is for better power handling, but at 8 amps per diode I think that’s stretching it. I did wonder if the alternator is actually 3 phase with a diode I each leg. I know the wiring diagram shows one wire, but who knows without stripping down and I’m not interested in doing that!
    Removing the potting will destroy it. It’s now solid – it can take a couple of days to harden, but you can bake it so it goes off in a couple of hours.
    I can’t see the electrolytic corrosion as sole problem because there are no dissimilar metals. There was no corrosion where the diode was into the pin clamp.

  22. Andreas Ploppa

  23. Can anyone tell me where exactly this Diode is located on the XTrainer? Thanks 😉

  24. Potted and sealed with adhesive lined heat shrink ready to refit.

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