Best way to travel a crowded interstate like I-95?


My biggest fear in doing a long trip someday is long stretches of crowded highway miles. What tips do you experienced travelers have for the best way to travel a crowded interstate like I-95?

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  1. If you aren’t comfortable riding freeways then don’t…..

  2. Your biggest fear should be someass pulling out in front of you, no matter what roads , ride defense, is only option, one thing good about super roads, all traffic going same direction, usually, if your nervous or scared, then don’t think you should be out there

  3. I drive ambulances for a living so I’ve had people pull out in front of me with sirens and blinks lights flashing. My go to motto is assume you’re invisible and plan accordingly.

  4. I rode 1-95 from North Carolina to Daytona and I was a little concerned but it ended up being not an issue. You can run faster than most of the cars and stay out of their way pretty easily. I was solo but it would be better with more than one in the group. You settle in and ride – The thing that surprised me is that even a Big Bike feels small after about 6 hours.

  5. Even here in the western parts of NE, SD, ND. Eastern WY, MT, CO. I use mainly 2 lane. Sometimes the longer route is the quickest route. Learned that driving truck.

  6. I’ll add to the chorus to stick to other roads, but I think it’s also wise to know how to ride on an interstate, in case the need arises. \n\nSince you’re talking about \

  7. I’ll cut mileage & time off a trip to abound interstate highways. There’s always a better road.

  8. I stay off I-95 if possible

  9. Don’t do it. Plenty of back roads

  10. Leaving your area I would ride up US 27, only !!\nThen when in Ocala make a route change !! N.E. Or N.W. !!

  11. if you get cought up in heavy traffic just get in the slow lane and watch your traffic. if you dont want to do that then map your route on secondary roads. and if that wont work eithor just stay home pitch a tent in your back yard run an extension cord out so you can run your tv and coffee maker lol lol

  12. Interstate for making good time if needed. State hwys offer the true taste of the area. The best memories from long trips is always the back roads and the people you meet.

  13. Remove your mufflers

  14. I do a lot of riding on Interstates. Will be on I26 and I95 next Tuesday, pulling a trailer plus my wife. When traffic gets bad and starts to back up I just concentrate on the ones directly in front of me and directly behind me. When to traffic comes to a dead still, keep it in gear in case you have to make a survival lunge up the emergency lane because drivers behind you don’t slow down until to late……In short, be-aware of your surroundings and have an escape route available…..LOL most of the time I just turn up the music, light a cigg, and go with the flow but always keeping an eye on my mirrors!

  15. Uhhh dont go on I95

  16. Interstates vary on traffic\nSome places like Wyoming are not that bad except around the bigger towns\nThankfully Nebraska has Hwy 30 just north of I-80\nSo I can skip the interstate on the way to Sturgis\nAnd as others have said, give yourself room behind anything you can’t see around\nRoad debris is bad news on a bike

  17. You ride a motorcycle. Most cars on the road, have daytime running lights. News flash! They don’t see you. \n\nThe Interstate has long miles, of traffic. Fun huh? Take the back roads. Take the roads that have scenic value. Jump on the interstate for 10 mile hops, if you must. Don’t ride at night. Get into a motel early like 5 pm, take a shower .. get dinner, get rest. Start early the next day, after the morning rush. \n\nThat’s my 2cents I live in California. Traffic here SUCKS.

  18. much more peaceful and scenic when ya avoid interstates

  19. Another tip for the highway is to ride with another mate. Give yourself space but two bikes are easier to see than one. However, sometimes they only see one so never assume they’ll wait for the second bike.

  20. I always try to ride the back roads. the most interesting sights and people are found there.

  21. Remember. Federal Law states motorcycles, even with only 1 rider, can use the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane, unless it is posted as prohibited. I’ve personally NEVER seen an HOV lane restricting motorcycles without a passenger.

  22. I’m hoping to leave Saturday, I’ll have to ride the interstate5 about 500 miles then I’ll get over to California 99 for 300 miles, it’s basically a freeway , then I40 to Needles California then to Laughlin Nevada,

  23. I mapped it out from Springfield to Laughlin taking the 97 to the 140, to the 39, to the 139 to the 36 (near Susanville) to the 395 s, to Reno for the night (I like the Sands). Then after fuel, food and sleep, taking the 80 e, to the 95 s, to 599/515 in Las Vegas, to the 95 again, to the 163 to Laughlin.

  24. Don’t ride i95!!!

  25. Don’t ride after dark on the interstate unless you have super bright headlights and good vision. Too many unexpected road hazards and flying debris, from under trucks and other vehicles….moving at high velocity right at you……and if you do ride at night give yourself several hundred yards of front clearance between you and the next vehicle…….I like the interstate for getting from point A to B quickly, and, you don’t have cross traffic to worry about, too much….

  26. Avoid them. See more taking the back roads

  27. stay off it\ni always ride backroads\nalways

  28. Two lane is more enjoyable.

  29. Stay off of it…

  30. Take I81 north to south on the east coast, much better than I95.

  31. Not sure whete your at, but back roads if your in no hurry.

  32. I stop every hour to take in the ride, stretch, have a bottle of water etc.

  33. Learn the alternates.

  34. You guys are crazy – I feel safer on an interstate than a poorly lit 2 way side road with no divider.

  35. I think I’m with Chris mechanical breakdown run out of fuel ,feel more safer????

  36. Get off asap and take a secondary road if possible…

  37. I ran out of gas in Idaho, on a major road…with no cell service. I was lucky someone stopped and when they got to the next town called the Sheriff. The Sheriffs in Idaho will bring you gas for free, but ask for a donation for their fire and rescue. Those were great people but hundreds went by like I wasn’t even there, even with the helmet behind my bike. Sad to say even other bikers. In all the miles I have logged I have never had anyone on a bike stop to see if I was ok. So take your gas can.

  38. At least I do

  39. For me ,stay off the interstate unless you want to get somwhere faster. I travel the back roads for a much nicer ride and enjoy it alot more

  40. I avoid I95 every place between Richmond, VA and Vermont. Too congested, too many drivers on their phones, and too many accidents. I also try to avoid interstates that go around major cities, like Atlanta, LA, etc..etc. I can normally just route around them but when I can’t I pull my big girl panties up around my shoulders, assume that everyone is trying to kill me, and carry on!

  41. There is no way around Atlanta !!!

  42. When I leave on a trip, I often pick two landmarks like I95 and the atlantic ocean. I just ride beween the two towards my destination. If I run into one I know I need to start heading in a different direction. I rarely travel on the interstate.

  43. cruise control ..a couple of sandwiches and maybe a book.. 😉

  44. Pull out about 430 or 5 am….no traffic issues til 730 or 830 in most places..

  45. When I have to ride on the interstate I find the comfortable speed compatible with the traffic and just watch out for everybody until I can get off.

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