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Tent recommendations. Nothing elaborate. Easy to pack on the bike. Not a pain in the ass to set up. What’s your favorite??

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  1. Walmart, 1 minute up tent. you can stand up in it easy. packs down to original box. $ 99, love it.

  2. THis one… not only is it light, easy to put up… But it’s extra long so you can stretch out… its a backpacking tent. campmor.com/c/wenzel-lone-tree-tent

  3. REI half dome 2

  4. I run my Walmart Ozark 3 man when I need the extra space (survived Sturgis, key west and Mexico runs) recently got this 2man because the poles collapse small enough to stand straight up in my tbag… held up to my El Paso and Sturgis trips. Got caught in a bad Kansas storm I was the only tent standing come morning several left their collapsed tent with soaked gear and went to hotels lol….so far great tent and saves lots space!

  5. Kelty tents are are s great value

  6. For my husband and I a 3 man mountainsmith. Vestibules in both ends great to keep boots dry but out of tent. Quick set up, colour coded poles. This is not a 4 season tent.

  7. Coleman has a small 2 man tent, but you better be really good friends … one pole, easy set up compresses down to about the size of a standard thermos, weight is about 3 pounds. Older model like i have was called a cobra, originally got it for back packing.

  8. Most any basic dome tent with a rainfly. Two poles support the tent, some may have a third for the rainfly awning, and they are free standing. Aluminum poles are generally considered better and lighter than fiberglass. I use a 4 person even when I travel solo. Like lots of room and the ability to stand up.

  9. I have a North face rock 22. Pretty nice for all weather it’s Just big enough for me with enough room inside for a back pack, hemet, jacket. Plus I like how the rain fly extends out on both sides making two vestibules you can tuck a lot of gear under. Not the smallest packrr, but my personal favorite. The poles are the biggest items and only break down to about 2 feet. Otherwise I’m sure the rest can be crushed way down.

  10. pretty simple Wal-Mart…shop around

  11. Bunkhoise; ten minute setup/takedown. It’s your rolling house.

  12. Ironhorse Gear tent. Extremely easy to set up and packs small enough to go in the saddlebags. From a company in Utah

  13. RedVerz expensive and worth every penny Garage for bike, lightweight, Tall enough to stand in and most importantly waterproof ????

  14. Coleman Hooligan 2 person. 1 pole. Easy up and down. Packs in my First Gear dry 70L and leaves plenty of space.

  15. don’t get a cabin shape. mine drips condensation all inside. I am looking for a dome shape so it runs off and down the edges if it gets thick inside.

  16. Kelty Salida 2

  17. REI Half Dome

  18. Cheap light tent. Amazon, Walmart

  19. Just got a Bushtec trailer so i can have one of the instant set up tents but my preference is a Guide Gear 10’x10′ teepee…costs about $100 from Sportsmansguide.com & 1 pole set-up.

  20. Vango Omega 350. Nice big porch for luggage and kit and good size sleeping area. I have no problems recommending it. Works perfect for me.

  21. Coleman Avior x2. Fantastic little tent.

  22. We use ours for backpacking and camping so ours is light, a 3 person rei marmot.

  23. MSR Hubba Hubba

  24. Steve Paylor. I’ve got the MSR Hoop. It free standing, and I like it.

  25. If you are tall like me, you have to check the length of the tent. 99% of them are about 6 ft maximum dimension which is just not enough. Your feet touching the ends will let in cold and moisture, and there’s typically no space for a pillow.

  26. I bought a onemantent and a campbed and fixed the tent on the bed. Perfect sleep. Build up in 5 minutes and easy to carry. Ok the bed is a little big, but way better than a airmatrace for my old bones…

  27. I usually get a 5 man not much bigger than the 1 or 2 man and everything goes inside with me and the gun

  28. Campmore 60sec tent.

  29. 550 para cord and a tarp. ????

  30. REI 6 Kingdom ????????????

  31. What ever the brand is for the cheep 4 person tent at Walmart.\nWe’ve used it for years and you can fit a queen size air mattress inside.\nA small tarp to throw over the in case of rain

  32. Never had one of my cheap tents leak. Lucky me

  33. Eureka timberline.

  34. Eno hammock one link shelter system

  35. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet, but I’ve happily made the transition to using a hammock. Getting a lightweight model lends to huge space savings, and the ones used for hiking, have bug nets and rain flies that are also extremely lightweight and made to be packed into small spaces.\n\nCheck out something like the ENO double nest.\n\nHammocking IMO is exponentially easier to carry, set up, break down, and far more comfortable than any tent I’ve ever slept in.

  36. Kellty Trail Ridge or TN series tents, can be up in 4 minutes by 1 person if it’s raining. (A few more minutes if you want it fully staked out, but to get out of the rain quickly, they are quick. Always get the tent sized for AT LEAST 1 more person than you’ll be sleeping in the tent.\nSeriously, though, if you’re in an area with trees, nothing beats a hammock for ease and quickness of setup, and plain old comfort of sleeping, compactness, ease of packing… Something like a Hennessey Hammock with snake skins can be packed down in 60 seconds, 2 minutes to set up.

  37. First I have to mention I have some rules for my tent . 1 aluminum poles 2 prefer Free standing poles . (Mtn Hardwear has a lifetime Warranty ) .3 Simpler is better 2 poles ! If you put it up in the dark !

  38. I like Kelly Salida 2 tent for solo it is the fastest up .\nI bought a bigger tent from \nDicks a Koppen tent its taller 48 in & it’s my tent for me & my Wife . If I’m traveling with multiple pitches The salida wins .

  39. I own 4 tents , the Coleman tent looks fine but moisture condensates & Fiberglass poles , broke on the 4 th pitch .bad !

  40. Walmart special 3 man dome tent won’t hurt you if something happens to it

  41. Eureka Timberline 2!

  42. I have the MSR Hubba Hubba. It is light easy to set up and plenty of room for you and your gear. If I were to upgrade I works giveith a three man version of this Mother Hubba or any other free standing tent. A little more head room and space without adding too much weight and still real easy to set up. \n\nFir two night stays or longer Redverz Atacama is fantastic!!!! Not light but well wort the extra weight….

  43. Walmart Ozark Trail 4P Instant Tent. Light, waterproof, good ventilation, takes heavy wind like a boss. Up in 30 seconds. Cheap.

  44. 2 or 4 person tent bro

  45. Love my 3 man Coleman tent. Works great

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