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Booking a motorcycle pulled pop up camper at KOA in New Mexico is $48 a night. $36 for a tent, no water, no electric. A decent hotel is $75 and a whole lot less hassle. So why camp? What am I missing?

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  1. if u have to ask u will never get it and its a bed roll not a bike camper ,to many campers (yuppies) not the way it used to be,most just want to see who can get the most miles of the riding season and miss the real point and thats being the journey not the destination,sorry im old school,spent many a night sleeping this way and still do at times,this was two years ago

  2. I camp all week long in a semi last thing I want to do is Camp my idea of roughing it is when room service is late with my coffee

  3. Why ride when you can drive a car and sit in a climate controlled area? Same reasoning, it’s about the experience.

  4. That KOA is telling that they don’t want you there. Find a place that does want your business.

  5. Have you tried FREECAMPSITES.net for FREE sites?

  6. My surprise in Durango Co was the cheapest place $235.00 per night. Couldn’t talk them into half a night ????????????????

  7. The community atmosphere at the campground versus a nod in the lobby when your eating the old ass \

  8. Maybe you should spend some money on some English and writing lessons before you plan a trip.

  9. Can’t get this at the hotel.. $14 Texas State Park..

  10. If I can only get my old lady to book the 76$ room instead of the 200$ hitting the road for 3 weeks in less than two weeks taking a tent will be lucky to use it 3 x

  11. You are missing the adventure ????

  12. Monty Springer, lol call em Rolex riders.

  13. There are free camping sites all around….and camping under $15.00 a night

  14. Its just a thing !!! Some love the wild and free old Harley Indian old west type of riding yep rough and dusty that’s me

  15. I vary seldom pay to camp

  16. I’m not going to read the 200+ prior posts, but just in case it hasn’t been said yet (unlikely ????)-\nKOA ain’t camping.\n????

  17. You might look at motocampers . And others with ratings of camp sights. Whether they be state parks, private owned, or municipal. Happy researching

  18. If you need it explained to you, well I’d waste my breath cuz you wouldn’t understand anyway

  19. Worst of days, best of days…with or without camper or motorhome, KOA sucks!

  20. Because you may get more than you bargained for at cheap hotels. You also may leave with more guest than you arrive with such as bed bugs. \nOr you leave with less than you arrived with such as theft. \n\nCamping is secluded, scenery is better and you don’t have to listen to neighbors.\nBut I still get a hotel if they’re calling for pouring rain in the AM. Overnight I don’t mind so much but I don’t like putting my tent away in the rain.

  21. I also only use state or family run campgrounds. KOA is generally way overcrowded.

  22. Forestry campgrounds are usually about $13 a night. Showers at truck stops are around $3-5.

  23. what it comes down to is whatever you can afford

  24. I go to state campgrounds, no more than $20 , if you have a smart phone, I’ll look up free camping, national recreation area’s are free also.

  25. Hey man; $20 bucks is $20 bucks

  26. If it’s sunny I camp and if rainy motel 6. They’re dog friendly and I don’t like to travel with a wet dog. I’m lucky I have Army retirement/disability and social security to fall back on.

  27. If anyone is ever near Wilkesboro NC, this campground has all the amenities, and is 13$/person to camp. It is also has a beautiful stream for swimming. However, no one under 18 after 6pm. ridersroost.com

  28. Also, if your near The Dragon in NC, this campground is similar, and with similar rates… kickstandlodge.com

  29. Koa is overrated and overpriced

  30. Motels suck. Especially $75 ones.


  32. Look up passport America. Helps find discounted campgrounds. But there’s been times near key west or Miami camping was a hundred bucks. We get a room, do laundry and refresh. There’s times where the weather is too perfect not to camp even if it is the same price

  33. Why go to campgrounds? Tons of great areas to camp that are free and have better scenery than campgrounds. Plus people suck : P

  34. Dont know how old you guys are but when you reach 62 you can get a Senior Pass America that is $10 for life and you can stay in National parks for 1/2 price! I love it! We enjoy stayng in the National parks and for that kind of money it is sooo worth it! We can get spots with electric and we usually get a site close to the shower house, plus they have nice scenery!

  35. KOA isn’t comparable price wise to most campgrounds….state parks or national parks around here are about $12-$18 a night

  36. KOA is a bad example because they’re all overpriced. When I camp, I get the same bed every night — and mine is a comfy one. When I stay in cheap hotels, I get bad beds, lousy pillows, bugs, mystery stains, smells, etc. I’ll take my consistently comfortable tent camping any day over some cheap hotel.

  37. so we can live like a homeless person. 🙂

  38. If your idea of camping is a general store, wi-fi, laundry, pool etc. then KOA is not a bad deaI. I rode and camped for 9000 miles a year ago cross country from coast to coast, up and back. I stayed some places for free, sometimes in national & state parks and yes a few Koa’s. There are certainly better views out there but it’s nice to be able to wash your stuff every once in a while!

  39. You don’t meet people like me at hotels.

  40. Hotel suck, because everybody goes inside and locked the doors. I’ve been on the road all day I want to sit down drink some beers and bullshit

  41. And off the ground!

  42. It’s the experience and the adventure. Most of all is the Comoroderie

  43. koa is indeed right proud of their campgrounds

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