Best Tire for Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic


What is the best tire for my 09 ultra classic. Going to have to put on some new ones.

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  1. I get harley davidson dunlop

  2. Commander 2


  4. I have Michellin Commander II on my 2012 Ultra Classic.

  5. Dunlop American Elite

  6. Commander 2’s

  7. Second the Dunlop American Elite.

  8. Dunlop American Elite here

  9. I switch to Commander Twos

  10. Dunlop American elite

  11. Had commander II forever three trips to Sturgis same tires. Lately losing traction on wet surfaces so replaced with Dunlop American Elite.

  12. Where can one order the Dunlop elite? Best price, Fortnine wants $323.

  13. Dunlop American Elite since last April…. Had Commander II last year.

  14. After running Avon, Dunlop, and Metzler the last 40 years. I’m now a firm believer in Michelin Commander II. Great on wet pavement, corners great, smoother ride, and way better mileage..Hands down they are the best on the market..

  15. Commander II for me. Best price on tires I’ve found is American motorcycle tire online

  16. Just got Commander II, installed on my 01

  17. Michelin car tire . I’ve done 20000 miles of hard touring with this tire , about another 10000 miles. The 205/55/16 fits my 2017 Ultra

  18. I have the Metzeler ME888 Marathon tires and love them. No wiggle or shimmy from tar snakes and heavily grooved pavement. Perform well in the rain too.

  19. Pirrelli Route
    I also run Metzler 888s.

  20. I run Dunlap

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