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  1. 1 big enough for you too !! lolol

  2. I have a 3 person dome I got from Dicks sporting goods. It’s not tall enough to stand up in but it packs easy. It all depends on what you want and how your gonna pack it

  3. I have a big Agnes copper spur ul3 backpacking tent. It fits in my saddlebag.

  4. I have vango omega 350, for riders or try lonerider

  5. Want one that will camp two and maybe even covers the bike but folds up easy and fits on the bike

  6. Depends on the mission.
    For fast paced long-distance riding with a quick setup, my Wiskybilt Hammock and a rain fly is perfect. Suspended from the Harley.
    Long term, Geezer-Glide-Camping, requires my Timeout Deluxe camper.

  7. Best tent is one that works for you !!
    I have 6 at least, used three of them so far this year , but may try a hammock
    King you pack in your pocket !!

  8. You will get about 100 different responses to that question. It’s trial and error. Whatever works for you

  9. If you are camping with wife or girlfriend, get at least a three man backpacking tent with rain fly. If camping alone u can get a two man backpacking tent…if camping with a guy, let him provide his own…

  10. The dry one.

  11. This is the Vango version there are 3 makers at mo have garage style tents made for 2 up and garage, there are Vango, Lonerider Mototent and Redverz biker i think

  12. Btw lone rider have a fb page look them up.

  13. REI Half dome 2 plus

  14. I have a Eureka! Grand Manan – just spent the weekend in it – its a 9x9x6 – i like the taller inside and room for my crap ­čÖé

  15. I use a Mountain Hardware Lightwedge 3, plenty of room for me and all my gear inside.

  16. My favorite is a 2 man Kelty Grand Mesa 2 -3 season backpacking tent.

  17. I use a 4 person. It is 6 foot at the middle

  18. The website: is a website designed with these questions in mind. There is equipment reviews and blogs about equipment.

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