Has anyone modified their mattresses?


Question for those with bunkhouse campers. The mattress pad that comes with is "okay" but not great. Has anyone modified their mattresses, used air mattresses, added padding, etc.. Love to know what you've tried and what you liked, didn't like. Thank you in advance.

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  1. We sleep good on the one that comes with it
    We tried an air mattress but on cooler nights it was like sleeping on a ice cube.

  2. I also have a 01 LX for sale if you know if anyone looking.We just bought a 2013 LX.

  3. I have a kwik kamp. Same as bunkhouse but a bit more storage. We bought a 1 inch memory foam pad and it has made all the difference in the world. About 100.00 bucks. And you can get them almost anywhere

  4. Jerry L. Rodgers how much you want for your 01 and where you at

  5. Asking $2950.00 Athens,Alabama

  6. Air mattress for sure

  7. 2" memory foam from Walmart. Either on it’s own or added to the stock mattress

  8. We also have 2" memory form from WalMart…we use it under our mattress in our Aspen Classic…takes the edge off…

  9. We use a air mattress love it

  10. Thanks guys. Looks like I am going to wally world for memory foam

  11. You need to put a mattress cover or blankets between the air mattress and the bottom sheet so that you’re not lying on the cold vinyl and you can use an air mattress that way very comfortably

  12. Queen air matress. Works great.

  13. memory foam gets pretty warm when sleeping. An air mattress has worked well for me in a camper. If you usually go where there is electricity I recommend an auto inflate and deflate.

  14. We carry two 1" foam pads that are 1/2 as wide as the original bed. This is a vast improvement over the original mattress. When we travel, we lay them on the camper after we fold it up, and then put the cover on. Works very well for us.

  15. I use 4 inch of foam with 2 inches of memory foam on top of that with no problems.

  16. I bought a 1 1/2 inch king size memory foam mattress topper last night at Walmart for 70 bucks. Slipped it under the stock mattress and slept awesome! Incredible difference it made. Thanks all

  17. we went to a matress foam foam store and had a piece cut to fit for our bunkhouse and it is wonderful and it is a lot lighter that the memory foam and it folds easier when packing

  18. There ya go Russel 😉

  19. 2" memory foam pad

  20. Foam. Sleep like a baby and packs up on top.

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