K&N R1100 Air filter + Iridium Spark Plugs + Splitfire Cable for Classic 500


Technical question:

K&N R1100 Air filter + Iridium Spark Plugs + Splitfire Cable.. for Classic 500

Whats the result ??

will this be enough to turn my bikes engine into Intercontinental ballistic missile ?

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  1. awsme…and yhat neighbour…Suzuki Samurai too is a good one..!!

  2. Be serious guys… tell me whats the result of above performance upgrade.

  3. Do upjet your carb for utilising the extra air entering into the chamber also a freeflow bendpipe should help

  4. Nope. Nope. Nope.
    K&N plus full free flow exhaust system plus tuning (powertronics if you’re on efi or carb jets if on carb) will have some effect.

    Next stage would be to go in for a high compression piston. Then polished ports and valves then high lift cams. 😀

  5. No … nothing much will happen. Why … is a detailed discussion … has been done here … please use the search option to check and study.

  6. Amar Pawar , you know the Dudhya Halwa in Marathi ? its the same with such things ! \nThose who have done it will tell only good things , as they dont want to let people know that their choice was wrong or they got duped !!

  7. A free flow filter and exhaust will always help and also the PAV which is a major restriction and the catcon probably. If you do all of that, you would get a major hike in midrange and top end. However, like Anirudh Verma mentioned. Higher compression would do the max justice to Enfields. You drink the same amount of fuel but cause more damage 😀 it’s the best way to burn the un-burnt fuel

  8. Iridium plugs have been recommended to me, at the dealership where I got my Royal Enfield……. for AFTER she is run in. MY son put Iridium in his Continental and said it made a difference…. made the bike more responsive. He said it was worth the cost of the plug. At the very least, you will get a longer plug life out of an Iridium…. I run them in my Mazda…… the iridiums are recommended for my model V6 because the back 3 cylinders are hard to get at and the iridium plugs can last and last without any attention….

  9. Amar Pawar Where to buy Iridium plugs and split fire cables in Pune. I have been looking for it for sometime. Searched Nanapeth few days back. Thanks

  10. Powertronics efi will help a lot review is damn goood

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