Anyone ride a Rekluse clutch?


Anyone ride a Rekluse clutch? I’m thinking of getting the Rekluse Adventure EXP 3.0 for my 2015 KTM 690. Worth the money for technical riding? Also, if there is anyone selling one for cheaper than $750, let me know.
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  1. Wouldn’t be without one.

  2. Get it. You wont be sorry

  3. Tried one on my 950.
    It worked great for awhile. Then I decided to get into some really rough stuff. I got into a super rough steep no traction hill climb situation. You know the type of situation that you think in your mind that the rekluse should give you a big advantage in right?
    Well the problem with that is if you get in a bad situation and the bike falls over you have to pick it up. No big deal if you ride technical terrain you drop your bike sometimes, just part of it. Well the problem I ran into is I’m on this super steep incline and drop my bike. Now in order to pick it back up I need to hold the brakes because there is no engine braking available you are in neutral all the time until the bike is running and throttle is applied. So the hill is too steep for the front brake to hold it, it just slides backwards. So I have to get two other friends to help, two to lift the bike while one holds the rear brake.
    I got home and was faced with two options. Add the extra weight and expense of a rear hand brake or go back to a stock clutch.
    I promptly removed and sold the rekluse.
    Buy a Midwest Mountain Engineering Clutch lever instead. Have one finger clutch pull.
    Save a ton of money. Thank me later.

    In the end for me it came down to this.
    I have good enough clutch control to handle most terrain and the KTMs have great clutches anyway.
    The one situation that I specifically bought the Rekluse for it turned out to be a miserable failure at.
    If you don’t ride really rough stuff you will probably love it as many folks do. And it will certainly save arm pump not having to do a lot of clutch work in tighter trails.
    But arm pump is no big deal to me. Being able to lift my bike when it falls on a hill is a big deal. I also like the ability to roll start if necessary.

    Most here will disagree but that’s my experience.

  4. I love mine for 90% of the riding I do. Mostly trails around the area and the occasional track. The only time I felt it screwed me was a situation like the one listed above. It was a steep long solid rock hill climb that was damp. I relied on the rekluse like always and didn’t feather the clutch to keep power to the ground. The bike spun out from under me twice. My bikes a yz250 so no big deal picking it back up. My buddy’s flew right past, unable to stop and help due to the steepness. Still have it installed and like I said, I love it. Just gotta remember to use the clutch in the foothills of northern Georgia.

  5. It’s easy to get “lazy” with one installed

  6. Love mine, heavier Belleville clutch spring helps with engine braking. I came off a two stoke for 30 yrs never had engine braking so I don’t rely on it

  7. To dispel myths: Yes you can still use the clutch. Yes the new Rekluses have normal clutch feel. Yes you can still bump start the bike (with an adjustable slave). Yes you have engine braking.

  8. They are pretty cool

  9. I have a Rekluse on both my KTM 990 Adventure and my KTM 300xc. FANTASTIC product and customer service. They are a huge benefit with technical stuff. I had an issue with the one in my 990. They very quickly and easily replaced essentially the entire clutch. You won’t be disappointed.

  10. I bought the exp 3.0 core for my ’16 300xcw

  11. A lot of great comments and things to consider gents. I think I’ll find a friend who has one and try it out.

  12. Give yourself proper amount of time to really understand how it works. Once you get a proper amount of time with using one. It’s pretty dam amazing product. For me I swear by it for steep hill climbs. Just downshift gears and pin it!

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