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I have a stator issue, and am curious if anyone else has experienced the stator pickup breaking? My issue has happened twice on my 350EXC. Both times I was riding on pavement, at around 75 mph. I had kept the speed up for about 15 miles, on slight inclines. All of a sudden, it dies because the stator pickup has a meltdown. The bike is geared a lot lower than stock, so I assume I was nearing its top speed. I think the pickup might have overheated to the point where the copper inside caused the plastic case to bulge out and the rotor caught it, but I am not sure. Both of these pictures are different stators with the same breakage. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this issue – going forward, I am planning on not going as fast on my KTM, but if anyone has had this issue and solved it, I would appreciate your info.


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  1. Crank bearing loose? Any up n down plaY in it?

  2. Carrie, can I share this with one of my riding buddies? He’s a big KTM guy.

  3. What was the air gap set at

  4. There is a one way bearing on the starter gear which the flywheel is attached to. When this bearing goes out it sends material threw the stator and destroys the stator. The pick up was never Damaged. It was fine. There is a metal shield that guards the pickup wires for the crank position sensor. That sensor has nothing to do with charging system. It tells the Ecu what rpm the motor at , turning etc. if you pinch those wires under that shield you could cause a ground to hot and melt that sensor

  5. It is reading the teeth cast on the outside of the flywheel. The stator is stationary inside the flywheel. Grab your flywheel and try to move it up and down to feel for play. I bet it doesn’t have any. But check to be sure

  6. I have a 07′ 525XC-W and it is geared way low for woods riding. Earlier this summer I had a pulsar coil go out, but it was a broken wire at the stress point where it entered the potting. When I was diagnosing it I went through the entire power/firing system and everything was rock solid. I replaced it with new KTM from RMATV and everything has been good since. The KTM seems to be very solid and high quality. I’m an electrical engineer so I know crap when I see it. P.S. I am also in the Electrical Group on FB

  7. There’s a bump on the flywheel, it triggers the pulse coil. Is there damage to it? I suspect it’s hitting the pulse coil. Did you hammer on the side of the flywheel? Any damage to the inside of it, hitting the stator?

  8. I’ll check. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary when I opened it up yesterday. Of course, it could be very subtle. I’ll inspect it better as I wait to put it back together. \n\nWhen you ask if I hammered on the side of the flywheel, is that something I should do? Would that help me see if it’s wonky? (Pardon my naïveté – I haven’t messed with the flywheel as I am afraid I’ll warp it or cause other problems.)

  9. No, you shouldn’t hammer on the flywheel. It would take a hard hit to bend the flywheel. So hopefully you didn’t.

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