2006 525 RFS motor stuck in gear


2006 525 RFS motor stuck in gear. Shift lever rock solid both directions. bout 10 hours of riding after a complete rebuild. Any ideas? Plan is to take clutch cover off and remove the clutch assembly and take a look. Do I need a clutch holder tool or is there a crafty way around that? I have 0 experience working with shifting mechanism on this motor.

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  1. I know theres some videos on youtube…I’m a two stroke guy…but never had shift problems on my 400. Here’s one that shows what could be a simple fix…but might be way different then what you’ve got going on. http://youtu.be/4KQRcReVVPQ

  2. Also…get on KTMtalk.com…guys will immediately throw some answers at you.

  3. I can’t seem to get on ktmtalk. Gmail isn’t good enough, guy never answers my requests, and I’m not using my work address. Whats the secret?

  4. I got on years ago but I’ve heard its tough getting on there now. Funny thing is I hardly ever go on the forums I belong to…just mostly jump on facebook

  5. Gmail should work.

  6. Use a impact….. Air or hammer. You can place a rag in the clutch basket gear.

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