Big Winter trip that will involve lots of snow & etc…


I’m planning a big Winter trip that will involve lots of snow & etc….

but lately my Furnace has been acting strange & I was hoping for info on how to fix it?

Its will start out fine blowing hot air.

But through out the night the heat stops & it keeps running but blows room temp air?
In other words the heat stops & it just becomes a fan..

What do I need to look into to to correct this issue?

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  1. Gas or electric…..dont laugh…lol

  2. If its gas, do you have to relight the pilot? If its electric, have you checked your relays. They are simple enough to replace and you should have a wiring diagram on the furnace to help locate them. Power off first….lol

  3. Im no pro at it but i have helped a time or two with the one in my home.

  4. Sounds like the thermocouple may be going bad, we had a similar issue a new thermocouple fixed.

  5. is this a concern for carbon monoxide poisoning?

  6. No, heaters vent outside, it "should" if properly installed not be an issue.

  7. Depending on your temperature your propane bottle may be freezing up not allowing the proper flow of gas once there is a big draw for it.

  8. Sail switch, high limit switch, gas solenoid, burner, electronic board, could be anything!

  9. I am leaning to gas solenoid or propane line freeze up, does it have a two stage regulator?

  10. Thank you Tracy, I was drawing a blank on the name of that thing…lol

  11. how old is your Battery? we had the same problem, even took the furnace out and brought it in to have it checked the furnace was fine! Turned out after weeks of checking everything out it was that the battery was too old…weak… put in new one… furnace worked just fine.

  12. Check pilot light, propane

  13. Check inside the vent. Bees love to build little paper nests in there. It will prevent the heater from lighting. It's a safety thing.

  14. Whoa, your furnace won't ignite if your fan isn't running fast enough. The problem is your battery.

  15. Ok 1st off I doubt it the lines freezing being last time this happen it was an average night with no snow just a bit cold.

    OoDanoo what is a mr heater buddy?

  16. hahaha!! I read fiancé the first time through!! was really confused. Had to share my delirium.

  17. Could be a high temp. Limit switch

  18. that why i wonder about the control?

  19. Same problem with my V.W. camper. The electronic igniter takes a lot of amps to fire the furnace. At altitude, outside temp at 30 or so, the fan blows, but no heat. Hhmmm. Took a while to hear that the problem was a weak "coach" battery. Soon as I replaced the battery – I had heat. Its difficult to check the battery's output when you are freezing cold at 4am.

  20. That's why you do Preventive Maintenance.

  21. I'm in the process of fixing my heat/air system. Once we started full time life in the MH the air, then the heat failed. After cleaning the thermastat I was able to get the heat back. I'm replacing the stat soon. If you've never updated yours it maybe time to try a modern (in my case) one. It may even be the problem. Mine was clearly not functioning properly.

  22. What are you suggesting I up-date? Richard Arthur Hooker

  23. The problem with having a pro work on it is its an '85 lance Truck Camper & my local shop don't wanna touch it being its age…

  24. I'll have to get back to you on what model it is, being I'm at work today.
    But I can tell you it's an '85 Lance. 900 if that helps any?

    I did check the battery yesterday with no load on it & it looks full strength.

    I do plan to someday soon to buy a 3 station battery tender for the trucks dual batteries & the campers single battery, but that is not cheap.

    Maybe, I'll just buy a single one for the camper for now?

  25. I'll try that tonight when I get home as the temps have lowered.
    & watch the temps & volts on my gauge.

    Run it on just the battery right?

    No need for the Geni or any shore power?

    Maybe run it for a couple hours just go check it from time to time?

    I find it hard to believe that under normal use as the night goes on that the battery would not start to run down after hours of use?

    What is the lowest it can get & still properly provide heat?

  26. Good question?

    Can you tell me the sizes of these other battery options you mentioned?

    Because yes there is only one standard sized 12 volt deep cell battery in it.

    That being said.

    I live in Los Angeles, so normally that suits us fine for local camping trips.

    Yet I have heard about running 2 6 volt batteries & such before, yet don't understand how that would work better than one 12?

    I'll measure my battery box tomorrow. & then once I learn the sizes of what your saying maybe can try those ?

  27. Ok I'll measure my battery box & get back to you with some numbers .
    Are 2 6volts more expensive than one 12?

    & how do you hook them up?

  28. Oh I'm sure I can, it's just it's all new to me.
    & I wanted an older classic like the Ranchero being it is sooooooo much easier to work on than any modern car.

    I've taken the top of the carb of & adjusted the float before on the side of the rode. & put it all back together & been driving it ever since. 😀 (y)

    Does anyone disagree that the single 12 volt is most likely my problem ?

  29. No, I forgot that I started updating my propane system & my system is incomplete at the moment. Ooops.

    But the battery just sitting there is strong.

  30. Suburban?

    You talking Chevy?

    Or is that the heater?

    I drive a Dodge?

    I'll have the with go look at the furnace for a name on it.

    File section?

    Might you have a link?

  31. Corey, uTube it. You'll find your information there.

  32. Turns out my furnace is a Hydro Flame Corp #7916?

  33. & I just called a battery shop & it seems the 2 6 volts would be too big for the Lance battery compartment.

    Anyone recommend the best single 12 volt I should get then?

  34. 1st Chevys & now condoms!?!?!?

    Can you please focus on the topic at hand? LOL!

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