My belt exploded Z force 1000


My belt exploded Z force 1000 what is the required tool to open up to get that belt out? pulling isn’t working lol

My belt exploded Z force 1000

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  1. Use one of the 8mm cover bolts in the holes u see. It will spread it

  2. It should be a bolt you puts in them small holes to open the clutch up

  3. Thread a 6mm bolt in here untill it seperates enough to get the belt out.

  4. I think i used a 50 or 55 mm bolt.

  5. Someone should make a how too video of this and post it for us newbs. Thank you and merry Christmas

  6. Cover off, bolt in hole. Keep threading in bolt to you have enough room to get belt out. Put belt on clutch and walk it around until its on take bolt back out and put cover on. If you use the search bar, theres a video on here how to do it.

  7. Belt change zforce 1000

  8. There no battery box there. My front cover is blocked by the battery box lol. And where does the 6mm bolt come from?

  9. Cfmoto sell a tool for the belt change simple if you have the tool

  10. 6mm bolt comes from the hardware store. Yes that’s why we do the battery box removal. Without it it’s a bitch to change the belt.

  11. On the 800 access is made by reving the driver’s seat ant plastic behind it

  12. Curious as to how many hours are on the belt and what you were doing when it shredded like that I put a lot of people changing belts but no blown belts on the CF moto

  13. This was posted from another CFMOTO group

  14. Clutch cover bolts are the thread needed and also the proper length to separate your primary clutch… and the main nut on the clutch is a 35mm (reverse threaded) and use an impact to remove it if you have to chisel the frayed strands out of the clutch.. be extremely careful of the surfaces on the inside of the clutches as rough spots and Nick’s will fuck your next belt up quicker than the last one.

  15. OK I’ve read all the comments I’m confused on my 2017 CF moto Z force 800 I have 3000+ miles and no belt problems at all ….dam how hard are you guys on your machines

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