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  1. Can’t replace parts on Accosato if you crash, like, ever. You have to buy a new MC. Brembo, parts are plenty. Both are very high quality. It’s just the parts availability

    • Snap. Have you seen the latest brembo RCS? There is a new version out.

    • What’s the difference??

    • You can adjust the the point in the lever pull where the brakes start to “bite”. It looks nicer too. Personally I’m happy with what I’ve got so won’t be buying the newer model.

    • What? That’s literally what the 19RCS is. It’s a 19×18 or a 19×20 buy turning the little screw inside the lever

    • You take off the rubber piece at the top and either buy the remote adjuster from Brembo or get a small screwdriver and turn it to either the 18 or 20

    • Lol. No, you are talking about adjusting the ratio of the master cylinder. That’s what the RCS lets you do. Adjusting the ratio changes the feel of the lever pull:
      18 = more lever pull and more feel (suited to road riding).
      20 = less lever travel and a firmer feeling lever (more suited to track riding).
      Braking power is the same for the two settings but the feel/feedback is different.

      As I mentioned the new one lets you adjust when the brakes bite. Like a BMX bike, you can adjust the cable so that the brakes engage as soon as you pull the lever or you can set it so that there is a bit of free play before the brakes engage. In principle this is what the new added feature of the new RCS is. It gives another layer of adjustment to your braking.

  2. what like internal parts?

  3. Yeah, no doubt about it, Brembo 19RCS!

  4. Accossato can be repaired but they want you to send the master cylinder off to them. You might as well just buy another unit. Both brands are great quality. Levers are interchangeable between the non adjustable ratio versions of each brand. Accossato use stainless for the lever pivot whereas brembo use some less shiny metal.

  5. Yeah, you send it off to Italy and won’t see it for a month or so, if that.

  6. Accossato for me.

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