ZX6R Brake Caliper Problem


I need some help. Doing a brake job on a used zx6r I bought. I ran into an issue with this caliper bolt. It was stripped and there’s a small slot that was cut in it. Tried tapping counter clockwise with a flathead but it’s pretty seized What is the best way to go about removing it? I was thinking heat but I’m afraid it will damage the caliper



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  1. I would use a dremel to add flat spots to it out so I could get some vice grips on…

  2. Go to auto parts store and get socket made to extract stripped bolts. It will remove bolt easily but you will need to buy a new caliper bolt.

  3. Get a socket little bit smaller than the boat then hammer it on and it should Twist Off I work at a motorcycle shop we’re running that problem all the time and also when you have locks on Wheels car wheels you take a socket that smaller than the lock love you hammer on there and you twisted off you ain’t going to be able to use the socket anymore but it works

  4. If it’s already stripped out then you’re gonna hafta replace the bolt anyways. Use a bolt extractor.

  5. Tried it. There’s no space as the Allen bolt head recedes into the body of the caliper

  6. Assuming it is standard Allen key head… You need to find a next size up torx bit and hammer in. Give head of bolt a good whack squarely with a hammer first. A small amount of heat won’t hurt.

  7. Get an easy out bolt extractor bit. I had to do this a few years back.

  8. You don’t need to remove it to do the brakes. Fyi

  9. Pull the middle bolt that holds pads in caliper and pull the pads out

  10. I had the same problem, i used the impact twist tool, its a tool that turns while you hammer, then find an allen head that has to be hammered in

  11. Spray wd40 let it penetrate for about 15 min, try a smaller socket you can hammer in, other than that try Chanel locks

  12. Thought I posted a pic. The torx bit worked. On a side note. While I’m doing my rotors do y’all think i should replace my tire? When I spin it on a stand it appears to be worn unevenly on the left . But still has plenty thread.

  13. I was going to say use some freeze release. Bloody good stuff, but you’ve sorted it. Re the tyre get it checked by a mechanic if your not sure

  14. If the torx worked good but if the future if you have access to a welder and it really stuck you can weld a nut to the head of the bolt and zing it off with a impact

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