8 inch wheels vs 12 inch wheels on trailers?


Another question. What are folk's thoughts on 8" wheels vs 12" wheels on motorcycle trailers? Pros and cons?

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  1. keep them greased and it wont matter

  2. I went from 8" to 12" Trails easier.

  3. i pulled a trailer with 8 inchers for 55k miles plus a pop up …..never a problem. no i have on w/ 13’s 2 w/12’s and one w/8’s no problem

  4. No difference to me. I see 8 inch tires on some boat trailers, cargo trailers and some camping trailers. I would never change from a stock situation of 8 inch tires to 12 unless I needed to add a little height to the tongue

  5. Agree keep proper air press. And bearing greased not a problem.

  6. Just a small difference in hitting a pot hole, and rolling over it. Just remember your no longer riding a motorcycle when your towing a trailer

  7. 12" wheels are better in my opinion. Rides better. Ride cooler. Easier on bearings (bigger tires + less revolutions = less bearing stress)

  8. Ive pulled 8" and12". Only difference is looks and peace of mind. Keep the8" maintained properly and haul butt.

  9. It has to do with tire rotation. A smaller tire spins faster then a larger tire. This may put more strain , heat on bearings. That’s the thought. I would put bearing buds on . I think that’s what they are called.

  10. It seems like 12" tires will raise the height of the trailer by 2", thus increasing the wind resistance. Just a thought.

  11. The 8 inch wheels help keep the center of gravity low with the torsion axle

  12. I’ve had no issues with 8" , pulled my trailer to the west coast and back 2x. Several smaller trips in between.

  13. I’ve run both behind cars and bikes at interstate speeds within the tire load limits. I run good bearings and tires. Only had one tire issue and it was when I cheaped out.

  14. I have 8 inch, pulled many days at high speed with no issues. 12" wear longer, but cost more.

  15. My experience is if your running 8 inch X 5:70 your fine but the 12 inch will last supper long. I think you’ll figure it out the more miles you tow…………Good Luck

  16. Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate all of them!

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