Upgrading my Suzuki C50T to a C90T


Hi everyone,

I am up grading my Suzuki C50T to a C90T because I would like to pull a small trailer.

So, my question is, do you think 1400cc is big enough to pull a small trailer? I am only 5'6" and do not what a bigger bike than the C90T.

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  1. Sure you should not have a problem. In 5’5" and ride a 1800 goldwing. To me a little bit to get use to it and now no problem. I have not drop it sense 2006. Good luck on what you get.

  2. I dont have any problem pulling my bunkhouse with my 1100 v star. Myself and bike with fully loaded trailer weighs 1550 pounds

  3. What trailer you looking at

  4. The bike on your wall post is nice.

  5. Your C50T is large enough to pull a trailer. I pull mine with an 800cc Kawasaki Drifter.

  6. I ride a c90t. You will love it!

  7. I pulled an little cargo trailer with an vtx 1300c with no issues

  8. If you want to tent camp a harbour freight tag along is good. It weighs 150 pounds and will fit most anything you need

  9. Any can get them rolling. You want one that can get it stopped.

  10. Yes you can pull with a 250 !! Stopping is the problem !!

  11. My wife’s 03 750 shadow pulls a nice cargo box!

  12. Put training wheels on it lol

  13. We pull this with a 1300 cc bike.

  14. Debbie Bartle. I like that camper

  15. I pull a trailer with my 1300 VTX

  16. The C90T is actually 1492cc and has plenty of power pulling a trailer. I towed one across the country many times. The only problem you’ll have is the small gas tank. Make sure to carry an extra gallon with you if you travel in the western states where gas is far and few between stops.

  17. Yes! 1300 VTX here also and not even fuel injected 😉 Does fine at 375 lbs loaded weight in the mountains including when riding the twisties too.

  18. Yea, it’s big enough

  19. Think about all the Honda GL1000s, 1100s and 1200s that pull trailers with ease. . . . You will have no troubles with either bike. Just don’t over load the trailer and keep the tongue weight in mind as you load it

  20. Yep. It will pull it without a problem.

  21. I pulled a trailer on my 750

  22. Just for a idea of what can be done, this is my GL1500 and trailer. I am 6’3" tall and 300lbs, I can sleep inside the trailer ( it is designed for that ) so yes, it is a big trailer. . . .

  23. I just bought an over sized cot tent, it that’s the way you like to travel

  24. Sears has the for 179.00 with rain fly

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