2020 CForce 600 Revs Slow Speed


My 2020 CForce 600 revs around 4,000-4,800 rpm at slow speeds. Once I get over about 25 it’s normal from there. Is this just part of the 300km break in? Or something I should be asking the dealership about?

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  1. Totally Normal, when we got my gfs 2020 600 I asked the same question on here. Low gear especially, we never use it unless she’s in deep mud etc

    • ya low gear is crazy lol. Like 5,500 rpm doing like 15-20. Glad I’m not the only one who’s bike does this.

    • yeah I definitely thought something was wrong lol

    • Change the back cv Tech adjustment and low gear speed gome up 60kmh (more torque spring)

    • For max torque it revs high. Low gear is pretty bad ass. Very quick and powerful. I Only use high when on roads going over 25mph. Lots of CFMOTO owners don’t quite understand the gearing ratios. You can add different weights, reclock the secondary spring. Lots you can do with it to change how it drives. I like it stock. No issues at all with low power or torque.

  2. Btw cvt drive has gears in L and H .

  3. Your atvs have bigger problems with load at low RPMs then at high rpms.
    Driving in H all the time saves some fuel but your belt has much tougher life.

  4. Ok for the new people on cfmotow from other brands . The machine is set up for torque.

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