Whilst pushing pistons out (R1)


Took a brave pill today, cleaned my callipers and changed my brake pads. No great fete for some but first time for me.
I Have a Question, whilst pushing pistons out, (evenly with old pads in) one nearly popped out and I lost about a tablespoon of brake fluid. I’ve re-assembled everything and pumped lever and all feels right.
Am I likely to have gotten air in the line?
And if so how will I know and what do I do about it if I have?
Many thanks.

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  1. If worried just give them a bleed, at least you will have new fluid in

  2. Tie the brake lever back with a cable tie overnight, bet your lever is even firmer in the morning.

  3. I always like to reverse bleed my brakes that way you get all the old fluid and any trapped air out pluss a much firmer feel

  4. Aye bleed and then you will have fresh fluid

  5. Not worth the risk bleed it

  6. If it feels fine at the lever then it is fine.

  7. If you went and changed the pads you might aswell change the fluid so you have the best braking force available to you

  8. Nice good job what did u use to clean them that good

  9. If you’ve pushed the pistons back in then you’ve effectively reverse bled them , pushed any air back up to the top

  10. If you have got the piston out enough to let fluid out you have consequently let air in 99%.
    Best of inspecting to see you haven’t pinched the seal.
    Makesure you red rubber grease them. Test the brakes before going on a ride. Might feel solid when going no where but different when going down the road.
    Might need to bleed them fully to regain pressure.

  11. There easy to bleed.
    Hold finger over bleed nipple (push down on it tightly) loosen the nipple and pump the brake with the master cylinder cap off fill accordingly.
    Don’t take your finger off the nipple with out tightening it first.

  12. I do it for a living and must say looks like you done well mate fair play. I would bleed them up with some fresh dot 4 to be on the safe side seen as you already started the job.

  13. Firstly, Thanks all for advice.
    I have cable tied brake lever and released the res cap.
    Will leave for a day then check pressure tomorrow.
    There has been no leakage overnight and pressure still feels normal.
    Hopefully that will do the job, just read in service book that I’m due new brake lines anyway, so will get braided lines fitted by garage when it goes in for service at end of the month.
    Thanks again,
    Ride safe all.

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