I ordered a clutch for 2018 800ex zforce


Need help!! I have a 2018 800ex zforce I ordered a clutch kit from Main Street cycle, it is an airdam clutch kit… anyways I started working on it tonight and got half of it out and noticed the weights I have and what I was sent are different… curious if anyone has done this kit and if I’m doing something wrong… the weight on the right is out of mine, the weight on the left is what I was sent… and yes I tried putting the smaller weight inside my stock weight… doesn’t even try to fit

I ordered a clutch for 2018 800ex zforce

I ordered a clutch for 2018 800ex zforce

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  1. Did you try putting little rollers inside big rollers.

  2. So that primary clutch looks different than the 2019 and 2020 model

  3. But I haven’t done a ZFORCE ex model. Just my zforce sport and all the atvs and a Uforce 1000

  4. looks like an old clutch. the kit you got from Main Street is for the new clutch

  5. this is the new clutch, have a look at no 8 and 9

  6. Those weights are like mine on the 1000 when I did my clutch kit.

  7. That’s a different clutch than I have.

  8. The kit they sent you is for a CV Tech clutch which yours is not.

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