2018 Xtrainer or 2019 Xtrainer?


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Currently I don’t own a bike. I’m trying to decide between a 2018 and a 2019 Xtrainer.

Does the counter balancer make a lot of difference, or would you rather have a 2018 with a kick starter?

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    We have a 17 and a 20 and the counterbalance engine does make a difference. Less vibration


    Neither the 18′ or 19′ come stock with a kicker. 2020 is the first year with the counter balanced engine.


    You can buy a Kickstarter kit


    I rode a counterbalanced and non counterbalanced back to back and I thought the reduction in vibration was so minimal, it’s not worth having. It’s not even close to a KTM counterbalanced engine, in my opinion of course


    I have an 18 and love it. I think I might sell it or trade to get a 200rr. Because I want less power to work on more skills.


    Below are the primary differences of 2019 vs 2018 models. None of them are deal makers or breakers for me when comparing these two years on used bikes. I’d be more interested in total hours, maintenance performed, general condition, and any notable aftermarket accessories or upgrades included with the bike (like a $300 kickstart kit for example.)

    2019 new features (info copied from the interwebs):

    New clutch: a total overhaul has produced a lighter, more compact 6-spring clutch that improves its engagement, precision and stability as operating temperatures change. A new design to the clutch cover is more streamlined and stylish.

    New gear shift system: improves the precision of the transmission and eliminates any uncertain mis-shifts.

    New cylinder: new two-piece design for closer machining of the power valve increases performance in terms of power and torque throughout the rev range while keeping the power delivery perfectly linear.

    Domed piston and new cylinder head profile: together with the new cylinder, these increase engine performance and improve running at low revs.

    Crankshaft: rotating mass values were revised to match the new features of the engine and the crank pin was reinforced to improve reliability.

    New connecting rod: reinforced lower bearing area to reduce friction and heat while improving reliability.

    New centrifuge: with larger spheres to better adapt to the new primary drive ratio, ensuring better power delivery.

    New combustion chamber: a slight increase in compression ratio has boosted performance.

    FWIW I’m still rocking my 2016 Xtrainer after 300+ hours and none of the improvements above have much incremental value to me. Same for the counterbalancer on the ’20 and ’21 models.


    Kickstarter kit is easy to install


    Yeah wouldn’t worry either way just get the best bang for buck for which ever model u can get

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