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  1. Zforce 800 here…..60" wide

  2. 800 trail wish I would of I have a 500 trail

  3. I tried both and went with 800 trail as we have steep hills and I liked the more power.

  4. 800 trail here no issues. Thought about the 500 but it n the end went with 800 and never looked back

  5. I have an 800ex.. love, love, love it!!

  6. I suggest the 800. I have a 500 Uforce which, one cylinder drops and your done. That’s the only reason ­čÖé

  7. I’d say 800 if you’re in the market. Really depends on your terrain. 500 is a stout motor, but for a sxs more is better

  8. We have the ZForce 800 trail, love it, totally awesome machine, 2,500 km and not 1 issue

  9. Love my 800ex

  10. I would get the 800. Just get the trail so it’s still a 50in. Have the 800ex and absolutely love it. Plenty of power for what I need.

  11. I love my 800 uforce it’s all the power I need

  12. My first machine was an 800 trail and it’s works for me, it was used but well kept, the 800 has enough power to get 2 adults around on trails, I’m sure the 500 has enough power for most riding styles, it’s just a matter of preference on the power, I just purchased new 800 ex , I like the room (width) an extra 10′, again just my preference!!!!!

  13. I purchased a ZForce 500 in February and put almost 700 miles on it this past summer!! Very happy with it!! Just purchased a ZForce 800 to add to the rides and have only put a few miles on so far (about a month) but will enjoy it just as much!! In other words, I have one of each to enjoy!!

  14. 800ex screw the trail

  15. Zforce 800 ex

  16. It depends where you live. If you are 3000 feet or less the 500 Trail! Over 3000 feet get the 800 Trail. I live at 5000 feet and go to 13000 feet in the mountains and the 800 Trail works well!

  17. 800 trail for sure!

  18. 800…all the way

  19. I have the 500 and a couple of times have felt under powered, 800!

  20. I have the Z6 which they don’t make anymore i bought it brand new when they first started selling them in Utah. It tops out at 40 mph been a good machine.

  21. If you do any riding on steep trails I’d go with the 800; I have a 2013 Z6 love it but could use more power going up hills (I can still top out at 57 mph on the flat)

  22. Dont even play with the 500 trail get the 800 you’ll be much happier

  23. Get the 800. Always get the bigger motor if it’s within your budget.

  24. 800 bigger is always better

  25. 800, I came from a 330 Bombardier and although it went great I figured a 500 moving a machine 2x as heavy would feel slow so I went with an 800EX and am very happy with the power. It doesn’t have any hesitation but don’t feel overpowered, it’s a very comfortable machine.

  26. I don’t have any problems with the 500

  27. If u wanna spin tires 800 if you just wanna go 500 I have the 500 and my father has the 800 500 little grabby with the clutch engagement 800 smooth 800 I find to be a touch quiter inside the cab either is great

  28. I did the 500

  29. 800 definitely.

  30. The bigger motor always, they don’t work as hard to do the same job and will last longer if treated right.

  31. I have an 800 trail, 9000 miles and love it.

  32. Love my 800 trail. Let my buddy drive it for an hour and he bought one the next week

  33. There are a lot of restrictions on the 60 inch the 50 inch

  34. 1 cylinder vs 2 cylinder, get the 800. I had same decision, glad I went with the 8.

  35. I love my 800 EX. We’re restricted at 60′ and I haven’t had issues. It moves my almost 300 lb fat ass pretty good

  36. I’m picking up my new 2019 800 trail in the morning

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