2018 HD Iron 500 Miles Service


So I’m approaching 500 miles on my 2018. If I remember correctly the dealer wants a service at 500. They tell anyone else this?

I purchased the prepaid services when I got the bike so I’m not concerned about the price of the service. Just wanna make sure I’m going when they said.

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  1. They told me 1000 miles. For first service

  2. 1000 miles is first service. Then every 5k after that.

  3. I had mine done at 500 because I chose to do a hard breakin. I have a special membership with my harley dealer so first 3 years when ever I want a service I take it drop it off test ride a few new bikes pick it up an leave at no cost

  4. My bad, 1000 Miles /1600 km was correct. Just looked iT up

  5. Dealer told me to ease it into 1000, service, then ride it like ya stole it.

  6. We got 2 harley dealers in the Hampton roads area of Virginia, one told me 500 miles, the other 1000 miles. I went 750.

  7. I believe the book says 500, but my dealer told me to just make sure it's done before 1000 and to take it easy.

  8. Mine told me 1,000 – 2,500 – 5,000 – 7,500 – 10,000. I've taken it to them 0 times.. I have just under 6k miles and I've changed the oil myself 3 times.

  9. In the service manual writes 1000 miles or 1600 km

  10. I was told 500 miles. The if you don't want to go to the dealership due to time I would suggest at the minimum changing your oil. There is going to be some metal shavings you want to flush out due to brake in.

  11. 1000 is fine, dont red line it , then every 5 k

  12. HD recommends 1000 then every 5000, some dealers may want you to come in earlier and more often to rape you of your cash

  13. Regular oil or synthetic?

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