How to improve 800 ZForce brakes?


How are you Guys improving the brakes on the 800 ZForce, i have a 2015 ,, and the brake are pretty shaddy at best

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  1. I replaced a rear brake line a year ago and i've yet to get the lines bled.

  2. Try to bleed the brake master cylinder at the banjo bolts where the brake hoses attach first, then go to the left front wheel, right front wheel, left rear, then right rear. There was an older tech bulliten somewherethat covers the ATVs and UTVs. It's helped our tech out on a couple of jobs. I'll look for the link.

  3. It's a little older, but we've used it on 17 models with success.

  4. Is this something common ?? Our 16 has great brakes

  5. My 16 has good brakes. 1770 miles and origional pads.

  6. Well our original pads sucked, less than 300 miles and they were toast. Replaced with EBC, but the brakes are every bit as good as the ones on my Rzr

  7. I've only seen a couple. Also check your master cylinder out. They can get crud in the push rod/ cup area and stick, causing weak brake and slow pedal return.

  8. Thanks Guys , I will try your suggestions

  9. I have been following these Facebook pages for over 2 years and I've seen a lot of zforce where the brakes were out of adjustment from Factory. So brakes are always dragging / not fully releasing.

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