When i take my hands off the bars at 60 or 80k’s


hi folks, please help me, when i take my hands off the bars at 60 or 80k’s my bike tracks left and right, almost like tank slap, but very slight. what causes that?

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  1. It could be your front shocks are in need of a full service & maybe a spring upgrade. Also look at rear suspension setup. The two need to balance out

  2. Mine does it o my duke 125 after i came off in the winter will need forks looking at mate

  3. Not going fast enough !

  4. Keep the front wheel off the ground

  5. First check your tyre pressure

  6. caused by taking your hands off the bars

  7. My 1290S does the same. Still looking for an answer. Mine happens when I have all the panniers on. Tank slapper at 178km/h. Had the suspension check and pressure by ktm since it is a new bike. Still looking for a concrete answer as ktm says you not supposed to go over 130km/h with the boxes. That is how touratech protects themselves. Was the other day with correct suspension settings and correct tire pressure on a trip. When I open up in 3rd to about 80km/h and leave the handle bar the steering shakes bad.

  8. i have the 1290 sa t model, and can tell you what i figured out. with the top box on I get a head shake and without the top box it's gone completely

  9. I tested all the possibilities. With 3 panniers on it starts at 178km/h with only the top box it shakes at 192km/h. When all three boxes off I get 243km/h.
    So if it is the panniers making it to be unstable because off wind vortex.
    Why does it head shake from 80km/h when releasing the handle bar. Surely there is not that much wind.
    Even tested it at 68km/h with cruise control on.
    Same story

  10. Mine did that, bad tyre. Was new but worn wrong and followed the tar.

  11. If all settings are correct then check steering head bearings for notching. High speed weave with topbox/panniers fitted is normal. Caused by vortex off the wide and high boxes.

  12. 1 question. Why does a bmw not head shake at 200km/h. Because all my bike friends is laughing at me telling me how kak my Ktm is. But I love Ktm and will never change.
    I started to accept it like a child with a limp leg.
    Plenty power. Strong and advanced…… But not a speed horse

  13. My 15 SA T does this as well. I changed my tire and things improved with the wobble. KTM fork angle must be set up more for off-road handling. I have heard adding a aftermarket steering damper fixes.

  14. Ashley Friedman, hey , is it on your 525/520 , with motard tyres?

  15. Suggest u play with your preload. Mine does it when the front is to low.

  16. Don't take your hands off. Mine does the same. Tyres.

  17. Front tire itself is likely shot. Check axle and wheel bearings for play as well.

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