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New to the ktm world I just recently got a 2017 ktm 250xc. And I’m new to the air fork I was wondering what psi I should run in my forks I’m 165 lbs with all my gear on . The ktm book says 9.6 bar (139) psi I race haire scrambles. To me it seems to be a tad stiff I picked it up from the dealer 8.2 bar (119)psi the compression was 12 clicks and the rebound was 10 . I’m just trying get an ideal about the air forks. I’m not trying blow em out any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

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    Congrats on the awesome bike! I have the same bike. And also do harescrambles /enduros. I’m about the same weight with gear on… 170 or so… I drop my pressure down to 118-120psi … as the day goes on expect it to go up about 4psi. So even dropping to 115 within abit of time would be around 119.


    Try about a 110 PSI take the compression all the way soft and put the rebound all the way in and 10 clicks out

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