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2017 KTM250XC. Question for you guys, I bought this bike brand new last year and took it to Georgia on some tracks, jumping it the ass end felt heavy and always wanted to land first. Racing woods the front forks felt awful so I got my loacal suspension guy to convert the forks to spring/oil. The bike works really good in the woods now just a little soft for jumping, but still when I went to the dumps last weekend the rear just felt heavy and sunk, is this normal because the extra weight (battery)?? When I was on my yz250 I felt a lot better on jumps… should I get my suspension redone. Or maybe buy a SX

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  1. Ktm weights the rear of these bikes to match the front, this would be the cause would be my best guess

  2. I switched from an sx to a 250xc last fall. Have been riding the sx for 4 years. I feel like the xc is a great track bike, while it won’t take the big hits as well as the sx, I have been impressed with it. I ride about 50/50 track and woods. I haven’t noticed any of that with mine.

  3. An 18oz center located battery isn’t what’s making your bike feel like that. I’ve done the spring conversion ad well on the forks. My shock was harsh from minute one on the bike. At hour 4 it started exhibiting a slight oil leak. By hour 13 it was sketchy because there was zero rebound control. I was slightly over sprung and that was making everything worse. Verify your shock dampening controls are working and then use them to balance your bike

  4. The air Forks are 3/4 of an inch longer than all the other Forks KTM built raise them in the triple clamps so the forks are a little lower this should help a lot

  5. And set the rear sag so when you sit on it with all your gear its 105 mm

  6. maybe you just need less rebound damping?

  7. Mine doesn’t feel like that at all its completely stock maybe you just don’t have correct body position

  8. Is your sag set properly? Will also determine your spring rate. At 195 w/o gear I’d bet you’ll need a stiffer spring to achieve proper sag measurement.

  9. Thanks everyone!

  10. My 2 stroke seems to carry the front end higher. I think I let off the gas up the face on my 4 stroke and it keeps the front end down more. I jump with my body more forward on the 2 stroke.

  11. Sounds like technique problem. I used to ride my xc on track all the time had no problem. In fact I actually preferred it to some sx bikes I’ve ridden

  12. From your description, it sounds like your rear rebound dampening is set to harsh for the spring and sag your running. But, be aware that anything you do to the front affects the rear and vise versa. Balance is critical. There are tons of good vids on YouTube on suspension setup. Feliz Navidad👍

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