2010 KTM 150 SX Rebuilt


I have a 2010 ktm 150sx rebuilt the top end 7 hours ago, it has a new cylinder and piston. I replaced the carb with a lectron carb. It used to start first kick with the carb and run great now it only starts when I spray it with starting fluid in the intake, starts first kick and runs fine after that. You can turn it off and it will start right back up. But when I load it up and bring it home it won’t start anymore. I pull the plug and it’s wet, replace the plug and it still won’t start without starting fluid. I’ve been told it’s my reeds that are going bad, so I’ll be replacing those soon, any other suggestions as to what could be causing this? I check my spark and it’s not the best, it definitely has spark but it’s not bright blue.

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  1. Yeah get that lectron tuned right and it wouldn’t hurt to check your compression just cause things happen

  2. Might as well get ready to do another top end if you keep using starting fluid.

  3. Put the stock carburetor on it and see how it runs and starts

  4. If your reeds are worn and staying open the slightest will make it very hard to start

  5. We have 2009 150 and stock carb is amazing ,one kick anytime and idles all day no loading no issues ,just get right jetting and needle setting and float height aswell you’ll be fine ,but make sure reeds are good or you’ll never jet it right

  6. I’ve always found the stock carburetor Works fantastic except for the mikunis on the new 17 need some jetting work

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