2015 Zforce 800 Water Pump Leaking



2015 zforce 800. Dealer replaced water pump due to leaking. Now I have a problem with it running hotter than it had before.

Any ideas?

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  1. Along with this, could moisture get into the engine because of faulty water pump? My dealer found rust in mine as if it has been swamped. I know for sure I never swamped

  2. Maybe air trapped in system, won’t circulate right if so.

  3. Air pocket in the system

  4. Bleeder at the connection to heads.

  5. Had to run mine with front wheels on blocks & fill it super slow. Mine did same thing after first water pump

  6. Thermo switch may be bad Gary Pulliam

  7. Fan works. Lacey Dryman

  8. air they are hard to get all the air out jack up the front end as high as possible, take the radioator cap off (only when the engine is cold) and run it hopefully the air will bubble up fill as needed hope this helps

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