Zforce 800 Suspension Question


Was attempting to grease the suspension on my Zforce 800 and had several I couldn’t get to take grease. Removed the cerks to find the stems were to long and had worn down on the suspension pins. Went to the local hardware store and bought some the right length problem solved. Was wondering if anyone else had experienced that.

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  1. Yes on the lower rear suspension the factory-installed 45° zerks had to get rid of them a d install 90°

  2. Factory zerks are junk.

  3. I had change few of mine to. The ones on the lower controls arms (outside bushing) near hub you pretty much have to remove tire to get to.

  4. I changed all of mine. Most would not take grease

  5. Also get an axle bearing greaser.

  6. What year is yours may I ask

  7. Mine is a ’17, does this mean I have to replace all my zerks? And if the zerks are junk then I guess I’ve been working all my pivot points dry? 🤔 \nWell this would suck

  8. Yes cheapest fittings I have ever seen.

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