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Question…. I bought my 01 fuel injected deuce a little over a month ago. I have noticed a gas odor but couldnt find a leek anywhere. Well today i filled up and drove the bike a block, parked it and noticed a bunch of gas leaking from what looks like an over flow tube… is this normal on a fuel injected model? I know on a carb model the float would be sticking, so im at a loss as to why its doing that?

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Answers ( No )

  1. I have never have gas leaking from anywhere on my 03 so I’d say absolutely not normal.

  2. Mine will leak out of the overflow if you put too much gas in the tank.

  3. Both of my Harley’s, 97 Dyna WG and 2010 Heritage will leak gas out of the overflow tube if I overfill the gas tank.

  4. My best friends 2003 Fatboy started to leak out of the overflow tube as soon as we all filled up at the gas pump. It poured out onto his front fender

  5. Yes if you over fill it

  6. Leaking on the left or right side?

  7. Mine does that too if I fill out over the hole. Remember that the gas is coming out of the cool ground and when you bring it up to 80-90+ degrees surface it will warm up and expand.

  8. That’s right Ray. You have to allow room for the gas to expand.

  9. My 06 leaked at the check valve, the o-ring needed to be replaced.

  10. If it was a hot day and you over fill it while the bike is hot it can and will come out of the over flow of your tank.

  11. Don’t fill it to the rim

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