Question for everyone. I have a 2007 FLHTCU and I’m wondering what people are getting for miles per gallon or to the tank on same year. I am at 126 miles to my tank and has had it dyno tuned 4 times since purchase. Still to me I’m running rich. 103 upgrade has been installed, power commander 5, stage 1, rines for pipes…. I am looking at suggestions, comments, ideas as to what the issue could be. I’m currently at 105 torque 90hp.

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  1. My 06 is just a little o’l twincam 88 but I’m getting 200 miles a tank.

  2. I have an 09 with the 96\

  3. All stock too by the way.

  4. Stock 12 103 at 225miles per tank. 70 mph

  5. 08 stock motor with exhaust work …stage 1 240-250 a tank

  6. I get about 163 miles on a tank. I came with a programmer, but haven’t messed with it. Another thing, I’m getting an occasional backfire out of my left pipe. Can’t figure out what that is. Maybe I’m running lean. I did buy the bike recently from a guy out of Denver.

  7. I get 160-180 per tank on my 2014 Limited making 144hp/132tq

  8. I have an 07 FLHTCU that has been punched to 110 CI, also S&S roller rockers and full exhaust system, Feuling 574 cam, race lifters and pushrods. All that and a Power Commander 5 with auto tune and I get about 45 MPG. HP and torque are both in the triple digit range…

  9. I get around 44 mpg, 200 to a tank. Same year, model, etc.

  10. I get 40 mpg pulling a trailer with a 200 lb passenger around Colorado , 2004 ElectraClassic, 95ci. What’s considered a \

  11. I have a 2011 ultra lim w/ 103”, stock get 37mpg, so 160-180. I weigh 230lbs. Weight and drag is a large contributor. I do notice with passenger and no passenger the difference. My 1990 ultra went from 38mpg to 30mpg from them rejetting the carb so it doesn’t backfire going into 4th gear.

  12. You must be hard on the throttle

  13. 41 miles to the gallon 05 Electra Glide 88 with stage 1

  14. Even loaded with two people on it i average 175. Its all about throttle control.

  15. Pull your plugs and look at the color. Tan is good, Dark Brown or Black is rich (or oil) carbon build-up. \n\nSpeed (above 70) and hard pulling from a stop will use excess fuel. \n\nKeep in mind, with more power you WILL need more fuel.

  16. I get between 150 and 170 on my ’04. Only stage 1 kit and Vance & Hines exhaust

  17. I get about 38 to 45 depending on if I’m in town or open highway

  18. 07 ultra classic. Stage 1 200 to 250 miles per tank. Depending on how I ride.

  19. 06 twin cam 88\

  20. There is a cost to H.P.

  21. I have an 07 dual exhaust stage one air and I get 40 miles per gallon. My 06 was exactly the same!

  22. 91 230 miles per tank

  23. i get 125 to a full tank

  24. I’m not exactly sure I’m thinking anywhere from 45 miles per gallon on average for a stock bike. \nMyself I have a 2009 stage 2 and I average about 38 to 40-ish MPG’s

  25. I never bother with that, when it needs gas I fill it, except when out west then I gas up when I see a gas station. Will tell ya my wifes Hyundai turbo Sonata gets better gas milage!!!

  26. Thank you all for the info. I’m still trying to get the bike running like it should be

  27. Running all stock as far as I know and I’m getting 165 to a tank

  28. Dam if I know! Lol

  29. Miles per tank or gallon is irrelevant. Doing 80 on the e-way it’s going to be less. Doing 55 it will be more. Up hill down hill, high/low altitude. MPG goes down @ 2300RPM +. Just fill the Dang tank when needed and quit worrying about it

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