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Hey all I have a 21 500s if I park it in my garage for a couple days the battery goes low and clicks at the starter. I’m past the 30-day warranty on the battery and need to replace it
. have any of you replace your battery and if you did what did you replace it with. I don’t want to go with the stock junk one. It is a 12v 30ah 400 CCA thanks in advance!

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  1. I did a load test to the battery and it is bad!

  2. I would make the dealer replace it. The stock Yuasa Batteries are not cheap batteries. I am a dealer and would replace the battery without question if it was faulty

    • I called them and they said it only had a 30-day warranty and I was past that point there was nothing they would do

    • that’s terrible. I would contact Yuasa and maybe they will warranty the battery, or find another dealer

    • I’ve seen other posts on these forms the guys are complaining about these batteries and saying they’re junk that’s why they only give you a 30-day warranty

    • Yuasa makes some amazing batteries. I still have the OEM Yuasa in my 2014 Yamaha WR250R and it starts the bike the same as it did 7 years ago. Are the OEM Cf Moto batteries really Yuasa? And failing so soon?

    • And yes I’d call Yuasa too. I bet they’ll help ya out somehow. Can’t hurt to ask!

  3. Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion it’s a faulty battery?
    (2 amp or less on a smart/voltage controlled charger)One thing that people often neglect is that the battery is an AGM, and needs to be properly activated for service by way of a long low amperage initial charge. Hook it to a car type charger or a ‘quick charge’ and that battery will be cooked and will act just as the OP describes.
    A parasitic draw in the electrical system does the same thing too. Why not disconnect the charged battery for a couple of days and see if it goes flat when out of circuit? If it does then maybe it’s a battery issue, if it stays charged then it’s a machine problem. A similar test is to put a good ammeter in circuit with the stopped quad. 🙂 Good luck.

    • I have a 3 amp battery trickle charger which I have put on the battery and let it charge overnight the battery showed it had 12.4 volts in it the minute I hooked my load tester to it it dropped from good to weak stayed there for a couple seconds and steadily dropped till it hit bad in my opinion I have a bad battery

    • That sounds right. Question is how did it get bad? My experience with Yuasa batteries over 30 years is they are a reputable brand. Who activated the battery, and how? Would be my question. PS my own Yuasa in my 800 still holds a charge perfectly, all winter, not on a maintainer. They should be able to do that.

    • I bought the machine brand new last fall from my local dealer I also bought a 21 Polaris 450 ho a month earlier and have had no problems with it. I figured my dealer took care of the setup. I’ve done my own service I do plow with it in the winter but our winner was quite mild I have been a small engine mechanic for many years I understand charging systems and I believe I have just gotten a bad battery. The one thing that does concern me though is CFMOTO offers a base 1 year warranty which you can extend it to six years but yet they only offer a 30-day warranty on the battery that tells me the batteries aren’t that great.

    • I have a 2029 cf moto uforce 1000 did the same thing after couple days of no use would drop to under 9 wouldn’t start added a trickle charge battery tender from Amazon (49 bucks)when not in use stayed at 14.2 ever since even in Michigan winters maybe this might help

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