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I need to haul my new bike from Cali to NW Montana in Jan. Likely looking at winter weather on the trip so 6×12 uhaul enclosed is what has been recommended. Anybody know of a good way to add secure anchor bolts for the tie down straps as I’ve heard the wall rails are not all that secure. Thinking about cutting a 3/4″ plywood to fit the entire deck and adding floor bolts and a wheel chock to that. Would entertain all ideas from somebody with experience with this trailer. I’ve other stuff to haul so the motorcycle specific trailer from uhaul is not an option. Thanks.

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  1. 2—10 bolted underneath

  2. Can’t say much about the trailer however, having moved out of No Dakota and endured 18.5 yrs of winters in No. & So. Dakota, along with USAF friends stationed in Billings, MT….. Watch out for the mountain passes, the NW wind blowing the snow across the roads creating “finger drifts” like speed bumps, closed roads and Interstates, and for God’s sake, always stay aware of the forecasts. It’s no joke what happens up there in January. God Speed!

  3. Thanks Gary, I’ve lived close to Glacier National Park for several years now and Alaska before that so I’m well aware. I don’t need to be anywhere at any specific time, so a four day weather window is what I’ll be waiting for.

  4. E-track. I ordered mine from Northern tool. 4… 5 foot pieces. And the clips with rings.

  5. I would not trust through bolting plywood. Hopefully there’s D rings in the floor

  6. No D rings from what I hear, hence the question.

  7. Bolt thru plywood use biggest washer both sides so it sandwiches plywood it will be good . Haul bike from Saskatchewan Canada every winter 1600 miles one way never had an issue sorry used 👁bolts

  8. U haul has a bike specific open trailer all set up,check one out

  9. Ace Hardware sells flat plate steel in pieces of 4×12 to 4×16. I bought them and drilled holes through them to line up with holed in the bike stand. The broader area distributes the forces over a larger area of the plywood floor.

  10. Just drill holes in the trailer floor and put I bolts as needed. Pull them out when you return it. Fill the holes with silver caulking. Just make sure you use locking nuts.

  11. Recently moved from Seattle back to Las Vegas, used a 6×12 and it had floor rings

  12. I think you already have a pretty good idea. I would just add some 2×6 or 2×8 underneath your 3/4in plywood for strength and run your I-bolts through them.

  13. Ronnie has your answer!

  14. Use a 6×6 block for under frame that alone will take any sway out. I used one for thousands miles no issues there with that trailer.

  15. Why not have talk with your local harley Davidson dealership they might have a old delivery crate

  16. Check straps often, I made that mistake, trusted the straps. Didn’t check them after the 3rd stop. Bike fell over and rubbed paint off of fairing.

  17. What’s wrong with riding it…

  18. Someone is either making a joke or has never experienced Montana Rocky Mountain winter.

  19. Besides the straps, a wooden block can easily be roughed out to fit under frame.

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