How is the T7 for 2up riding?


Hi, how is the T7 for 2up riding? anybody can share pillion experience? Is the rear seat as bad as it looks?

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  1. It’s ok, definitely consider upgrading to rally seat or creating a foam booster or pillow or something for the rear seat

  2. Not as bad as it looks, you can get used to it. Anyway I go camping often with my miss and for her but and my piece of mind and personal happiness I’ve got her a air hawk, that little cushion saved us.

  3. We can now ride 2 to 3 hours no stop

  4. Two up go for the Super Ténéré.

  5. It depends on how far and long your daily rides are. Anything over 200 miles and your partner is going to be wanting something more comfortable especially if you lean more towards the offroad side of thr equation.

  6. My Mrs hated it, safe to say next bike will be more pillion friendly

  7. Well, the drivers seat is worse than it looks …

  8. Kinda depends on the couple, type and distance of the days. Definitely want a better seat and I’d suggest a true custom seat, not a Seat Concepts seat. I’ve been out 2-up and it’s not bad for day rides and such. If I was looking to ride month long or transcontinental or international trips (I’m in the USA) I’d definitely look at the Super Tenere instead.

  9. Has done many miles off-road with a “full-size passenger on his with luggage. Passenger is a fairly small lady, probably 120 pounds, tops. He recently put on a stiffer spring to better accommodate the passenger. Also, go with Seat Concepts. Their passenger seat is much, much better, as are their front seats.

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