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Hello folks I have a question I own a 06 electric glide my wife owns a 07 Ninja 650 , she’s wanting to upgrade to a Harley I need suggestion please. she’s looking for a a bike that she can cruise on but here is a problem she’s only 5 ft 1 in so she needs a bike that sits low I don’t know what to look for she can handle power she’s not a beginner rider . I suggested we go to a Harley shop and test ride some bikes . Any input would be great thank you

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  1. Street glide lower it two inches

  2. The Softail sit lower than the Sportster so definately stay with a Big Twin and their low center of gravity makes them really easy to raise off of the kickstand and with seat options can be made to fit her like a glove

  3. Heritage then change seat

  4. Demo as many bikes as possible!!

  5. Softail Deluxe 👍

  6. Definitely go test ride ,try a softail slim ,low

  7. Ultra Low

  8. 23.8\tMotorcycle Seat Height\nin Inches on a 2016 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S

  9. She needs to try on a few different models and see what fits, women love to try on stuff

  10. I know a lot of women on touring bikes…. just lower the bike by putting progressive shocks on the rear.

  11. Check out a break out.

  12. Haritage you set down in it more and it can be lowerd a little

  13. I lowered my heritage two inches and looked great but no passenger

  14. Softtail slim was perfect for my wife

  15. Softtail slim.. the fatboy Low.. the Sportster Low… if she can lift the ultra then put burly slammer shocks on the rear and drop the front 2 inches… I had to do that to my ultra

  16. Any softtail

  17. Sporty is top heavy all motor and rougher ride

  18. Heritage Softtail.

  19. really??? find yourself /her a full dressed fxr or dina , you can go big power motor, low and narrow, great handling, anywhere in price from about 7.000 to how nice do you want it..

  20. Heritage Softtail would be a good all around bike for her…it should be low enough for her to put her feet down plus some of the newer years have cruise control, which is nice on long rides…

  21. I have a wife rode06 v rod it is blue with saddle bags

  22. The softails controls are a lot closer than the dynas, and the softails also sit lower too so a softail would be the best option for her. Go to the dealership and have her sit on a few different ones and see which one she likes best.

  23. Softail classic or slim. My wife is in same spot

  24. Dyna low!! You can drop the suspension and get a seat for shorter people as well as get the shifter and pegs and brake pulled back. My buddy is only 5 foot 2 and he had to do all of that in order to ride. He loves it and has never looked back.

  25. Any bike can be lowered

  26. My wife started on a switchback. Softails have really low seat heights also

  27. Softail slim s

  28. 2016 Dyna Switchback with a 103. Light and Fast.

  29. Go on your suggestion there, test ride!

  30. Most of the softails have the lowest seat height , get her a bike 2007 and earlier.. they have a narrow frame.. like a deluxe or heritage… may have to get a bike and have seat replaced, suspension lowered to fit her and a new pair of riding boots..

  31. My wife is 5 foot even and is flat foot on her 1996 dyna

  32. 883 sport or a dyna. The street rod 750 looks super fun along with the new fatbob \

  33. Street glide shorter rear shocks.

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