2006 R1 Anniversary Edition


Hey guys, got a question for y'all. I have a 2006 R1 Anniversary edition. A few months back the chain snapped and put a hole in the case. I took the advice of several guys on her and patched the hole with JB weld. Inside and out. Well, no oil leak or anything but the bike only moves in first gear. In any other gear the rear wheel is locked up and the bike will not move. What do y'all think the problem is? Transmission shot? And what do y'all think the bike is worth in this current condition. Clean title at 23k miles.

2006 R1 Anniversary Edition

2006 R1 Anniversary Edition

2006 R1 Anniversary Edition

2006 R1 Anniversary Edition

2006 R1 Anniversary Edition

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  1. That bottom end needs out and completely sealed so new case and maybe couple gears take few hours to do

  2. I’ll give you $500 for it lol

  3. All that metal inside your cases. Don’t jb weld shit on any bike.

  4. I have a great completely rebuilt engine I’ll sell you for 1500$ plus shipping

  5. Its worth fixing that’s what it’s worth

  6. I can trade you mine. It doesn’t have a title. But if you take yours apart nice and neatly I will bring mine and if we can swap the frame out for you there within a day with a place to stay overnight. We will have to take my frame out so I can keep it and you will keep your clean title frame and a good engine and the rest of my rolling assembly. I get everything you have minus your frame and you’ll have a running bike

  7. Should have just ghost ridden the bike and filed an insurance claim , they probably would have covered everything considering your chain broke and caused you to "crash"

  8. I have a complete transmission and cases. I’ll sell you the cases, transmission and everything going in the bottom end for $400 shipped.

  9. I have brand new engine cases if any good to you ..

  10. Cases and gears price it up against a new motor and go from there 🙂

  11. You have to find the metal that was punched into the engine. Did the very same thing on my 04. Found all the metal, got it welded probably, 2 x oil service with a big magnet on the first to catch any metal spinters ……. sorted.

  12. Welcome to the club

  13. This was a dumb idea, whoever gave this advice was trolling you hard

  14. Small Stainless plate between case and chain can save your engine case

  15. funny thing, kawasaki had a recall on the case leaking oil around the sprocket area.. There fix was epoxy 🙂 wasnt a big ass hole like that thou…….

  16. Dem’is Yam elle claque nn ?

  17. Wish i could help. Only have an 08 4c8 engine. You need to take the case apart and clean it out metal chunks in the transmission. Never jb weld!

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