2004 YZF R1 completely stock..


04 R1, completely stock.. it has a hesitation under constant throttle.. you can see the rpm tach fluctuate 2-300 rpm.

The only thing “wrong” is the ex-up cable snapped and I lashed the valve open.

Has anyone had a similar issue?

2004 YZF R1completely stock..

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    u ever change plugs… i had mine flashed by nick marino what a diffrence


    Make sure your intake stacks are clear and butterflies opening ok. I haven’t looked but I think you can adjust/sync the throttle bodies on it too.


    I have an 06 and the rpms fluctuate as well. A flash will not do much for 04 to 06 r1. Ps I am at 7k miles.


    Beautiful bike dude!

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