When I use the rear brake it feels non existent


Got a rear brake question.

I have YZF R1. When I use the rear brake it feels non existent I checked fluid level its fine and checked pad wear and there's plenty pic meat there. What could be the issue? It felt stiff before and stopped pretty good now you have push it all the way down and the bike doesn't want to stop…

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  1. Bleed the brake would be the first thing

  2. I second bleeding. Also, how long has it been since a fluid flush? If the fluid is dark, then it needs to be changed. Another thing that’ll help is changing to stainless steel lines

  3. How old is your brake line? They tend to be replace every two years. How hot is it. You may want to replace with steel braided lines to avoid brake fade.

  4. Bleed the brake first I would say and Chec the rotor

  5. Why are u using the rear brake to stop?

  6. What is your experience level?

  7. I get this! Previous owner put dot 5 in the brakes. On the start of a ride it’s got loads of travel, once it warms up the brake is good! Pistons are free and bled it loads. Rotor/disc is 1000 miles old with a hel braided hose.

  8. Well on my ride to work it was a little stiffer it was a lot cooler as well so there’s that…

  9. change the brake line to braided steel lines.

  10. What bike, that could be helpful info for anyone to really help

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