Could that be due to the 32/1 mix?


Question……Just purchased my 300 xcw 6 days. The dealer had a 32/1 mix in it saying to use it until broken in. I know the manual recommends 60/1. The bike is currently not running as good as I think it could. Starts fine but won’t idle and in the lower gears as I’m winding it out(But not too much due to breaking it in) the best way to describe it is as if you can’t clear your throat. Strange description I know……but that’s what the engine is doing. Could that be due to the 32/1 mix?

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  1. I would guess that’s the case. Thinking about dumping what the dealer put in my bike for the same reason. In my yard test last night it was a little rich. Congrats on the bike, saw one last night when I picked\nMine up, amazing machines.

  2. I would suggest dumping the fuel and put 60:1 in. At 32 to 1 it is lean on fuel and fat on oil. Never will run right with stock jetting and that ratio.

  3. “Break ins” are a myth. Just get on and ride it, ktm dynos all bikes before they sell them anyways they’re meant to be ran. Get on and ride and change that gas.

  4. No, probably not the mixture. Hose bikes come jetted too rich. Try leaning the pilot and dropping the needle (raising the clip). You might try a James Dean jet kit. It will get you very close, if not perfect.

  5. Or buy a lectron, those are some of the best 500 bucks you’ll ever spend on a bike.

  6. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of dealers doing this. Dump it and refill.

  7. KTM 2 strokes always seem to be rich when new. A friend has a 2017 300 and it was way rich.

  8. It’s too rich( jetting) and changing to 60:1 will make it more so as it will be a greater percentage of fuel in the mix. I agree with dumping the 32:1 mix, but it’s not gonna help the bike with the “needs to clear its throat” feeling, likely make it more so.

  9. Buy a JD jet kit…stock jetting has always been a little off

  10. Plus you’ll have all the jetting you need if you find yourself in Colorado or Moab

  11. Dont waste your money on a new carb like a lectron unless your elevation is constantly changing. Just jet it after you run that fuel out and half a tank of your own with a new plug of course

  12. Get a Smartcarb and after initial setup never touch jetting again!

  13. Used 18 jetting 60 to 1

  14. And by the way 32 the one is actually lean on fuel too much oil 60 to 1 is more gas less oil

  15. I think some people are confusing air/fuel mixture with gas / oil mixture

  16. going form 32 to 1 to 60 to 1 will be richer on air to fuel ratio.Dont listen to Chris pirozzi he does not know what hes talking about

  17. run what the manual says break in or not, I’m so glad I bought a fuel injected four stroke. Lol

  18. 60:1 straight away

  19. For the love of god do not cut your air box.

  20. David one of the most simple things I noticed on my “All Race 300XC” was using good fuel. Avgas or 100 ethanol free. We have a small local airport and a 110 octane Sunoco source locally, these bikes like good gas.

  21. 60:1 jd jet kit. Bulletproof

  22. 450main , 25 pilot, 2nd clip down on the needle 2018 spec. You will love it. 60:1 motorex…..

  23. One thing about riding piston port KTM with bings was you learnt how to jet a motorcycle if you didn’t !well you couldnt put this or that kit in! 3 jets and a file and Bobs your Uncle

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