2004 ZX6R 636 Bike Won’t Start


Hi guys! Quick question… So I have this 03/04 636…and sometimes it just won’t start…i turn the key, press start button and FI light comes on while starter is cranking and it doesn’t start Then I try one or two more times and it starts…like nothing happened I have no idea what’s going on with my 636

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Answers ( 12 )

  1. Servo delete

  2. Is your pump coming on?.

  3. If the pump isn’t coming on at times, I’d suspect that’s the issue. Check wiring, connectors and relay!!

  4. Might be ur kill switch messing around or lose wire.

  5. I will have to take a look at fuel pump anyways.

  6. Put in gear and back into neutral. Sometimes safety switch is sensitive. My 09 6r would do that once in a while

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