It’s a shifting question


Ok, not an oil question! It’s a shifting question…as in hard to find neutral, can never hit it while moving…mostly have to use hand or it jumps to the next hear and always shifts hard any Solutions?

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  1. Clutching

  2. Shift Drum. Detent problem.

  3. Clutch works great when warm….when it’s cold sometimes will kill the motor when I first start up….she’s a little tricky at times….lol

  4. Your clutch plates aren’t adjusted evenly or are warped, causing a drag. That in turn puts tension on the gear that its in, and when you finally get it to shift, it goes past neutral and into the next gear. Harleys are also prone to the very same problem. You can use a dial indicator to set it up.

  5. Mine is the same way…only find neutral when bike is not running.

  6. When stopped at a light. I can rarely get it to go into neutral. I have to put in neutral while still moving and slowing down to stop.

  7. with it not running, have it in gear, engage the clutch and see if it rolls freely. sounds like the cable stretched, simple adjustment?

  8. It’s a clutch issue, not together correctly or most likely not adjusted correctly. The locking bolt /nut in the centre are your only clutch adjustment , the bottom cable adjuster and any adjuster at the lever are only lever free play adjustments. Slack everything off and adjust the centre screw and lock it with the nut then adjust the lever free play with the other 2 adjustments. Good luck.

  9. She is getting to hot, ride in cooler weather. Don’t sit in traffic. This happens to me all the time when I ride distinguished gentleman’s ride.

    • George, you are right on the money. I rode the K6 in the DGR and the route taken was right in the middle of city traffic. My bike, and most of the other air cooled bikes, ran hot. I pulled over a few times just to let it cool off. You would think on a ride that request vintage bikes a route would be chosen to avoid bumper to bumper traffic.

    • I know the ride head captain. We whent down one street years ago, I told him never again. Everyone was a smoke show. If I know we’re sitting for a few, I kill the bike, find shade. We try to ride in the city, to be seen. Get the message out. It is a really good test of your bike.

    • Yes, I know being seen is important and impressive. But, old bikes on a hot day in bumper to bumper equals overheating. My bike did pretty well. Did the entire route in SF then made it home.

    • Hand full of years ago. It ran acted sluggish as I was getting home .5 mile away, I was running on two cylinders. Got home and figured out its wiring problem.

    • Just out of curiosity what weight oil are you running. I live in South Florida aka super hot all the time and I found going to a 20w helped alot with the traffic.

    • It’s doesn’t get cool really here so the 20w works fine all the time down here. No difficult starts on my 78k

    • Yea another oil discussion was going on. One good answer was Marvel’s and 20/50. 1/4 Marvel’s to oil capacity, ride about 200 to 500 miles, the Marvel’s burns off, fill with oil. Use Marvel’s every fourth oil change. I may switch to 20/50, I only ride in summer. It gets hot enough for this machine.

  10. Listen to what Mr Good says.

  11. Mine I had to adjust my clutch cable , it was too tight and made it jump ahead.

  12. I had a warped clutch basket.

  13. The clutch steel plates have a slight cup to them from the punching process. Take them out and make sure the cupped side of all the plates is in the same direction or you’ll never be able to get it adjusted right.

    • If clutch components are warped or blued, the only cure is “replacement”. Sorry, unable to Candy Coat the answer.

  14. Clutch and clutch cable adjustment first. If that doesn’t work check the detent spring on the shift drum. Also the detent arm sometimes wearout. Should go into neutral easy piezy every time.

  15. What brand of oil and what wait of oil are you using? Is it non detergent?

    • Oh, I hope the bike isn’t on a “non detergent” oil diet. Beyond clutch trouble is “wet sumping” of the “dry sump” oil system. Sludge in the “check valves”.

  16. Just get used to it

  17. This too. My chop will only catch neutral if you’re still rolling. I know how to fix it, and yet in 4 years I haven’t spent the time to sort the clutch out better ­čÖé

  18. Your custom clutch cable is probably cmpressing the outer sheild when you pull the clutch in. Make sure your adjustment is spot on with minmal free play on the adjuster at the clutch basket.

  19. Is the oil old !. Or, cable adjusted ?

  20. Start with the easiest obvious of these suggestions since I don’t know I don’t want to Make it complicated.

  21. I have always chocked it off as just a quirk of the bike…been riding like this for about 8 years now and just figured there was a fix….maybe this winter….lol

  22. Sounds like the clutch is out of adjustment.

  23. Clutch adjust. If it drags a little it will be hard to find n

  24. I’d say, crate her up and ship her here to me in Illinois. I’ll take care of the pretty lady and be grateful for the new bike !

  25. Or get one of these 69 iron head sportster the most dependable engine in the history of motorcycling LOL

  26. Make sure you are using the correct oil. Perhaps someone here could let you know what’s the best oil.

  27. I also own this 1969 Harley with a small modification done by Steve McQueen’s mechanic Ken Young back in 1971 and he Rode it for 25 years

  28. Damn Son….I want to tour your garage

  29. Ol Yeller was titled in 76 by the guy who built it and his best friend told him that if he ever sold it, he wanted it. When he died it was willed to the person I bought it from and he never rode it…..just kept good oil and tires on it….the tags that we’re on it were 1994 ….I bought it in 08.

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