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Can’t remember if I’ve posted this question on here before or not, but here goes.

I have a 2004 Vulcan 2000, it has just about 70,000 miles. She burns oil. Was told by the guy I bought it from that it used a quart about every 1000 miles. Well, I changed the oil and made sure it was at the correct level. The next day me and a friend went from Cincinnati to Louisville and back. About halfway back, we stopped for gas and checked the oil. Took about 2 quarts to bring it back to the right level. It doesn’t smoke, and you only smell oil burning if you run it hard.

I will admit, I am not the most mechanically inclined, unless I have worked on an issue before. I have been told that burning oil can be from valve seats and piston rings needing replaced. I have looked all over the motor and can not find anywhere where oil may be coming out. And there is not any oil sitting under the bike. I’ve tried finding a rebuild kit to no avail, and I can’t find what all I would need for a rebuild as I can get on bike bandit or other sites and order what I need.

I’m looking for any advice or if anyone has had this issue before. Thanks

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  1. Don’t know what to tell you. Theres several places on this cite that explain how to check the oil. If it was burning oil it should be smoking. Maby your puting in way too much oil and its blowing out the crankcase vent while your going down the road, i check the oil in mine on the side stand (no oil on stick, just barely touches the bottom of stick). Check back on some earlyer posts.

  2. You’re rings are shot…had to change mine at 68K, you’re describing the same symptoms, There’s no rebuild kit per se’, you need to order each part individually.\nIt sucks that Kawi doesn’t do a top end rebuild kit, it would make life a lot easier, instead of having to look up every piece needed.

  3. I would agree with Tim , I was having the same type of oil usage in my 2010 when I rode across Canada in 2015. There was no signs of where it was going, no smoking. Not long after that trip, it did indeed start smoking ???? between that issue, and an obvious bent shift fork, I parked it and bought another

  4. Check owners manual on how to check. I’m pretty mechanical but I screwed up checking one time and ended up overfilling. You’ll know if that happened as it will be loaded up inside the air filter cover and air filter. If checking like you described after a ride it needs to sit for a few minutes. But most importantly is that you get it level. If on the kickstand it’s leaning enough to not give a good reading. Here is a great article on changing and checking\nhttp://vn2000.com/documents/VN2000_oil_change.pdf

  5. You could try getting an oil that has a higher temp rating had this happen in a vehical, never smoked but used oil put a higher temp oil in and it never used another drop. If you suspect it needs a re build do a compression test to be sure

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