Kawasaki Vulcan Cobra FI2000R


I ordered a cobra fi2000r programmer for my bike but where is a good place to mount it at doesn’t look like much room under the seat?

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  1. where the tool kit is stored and in a ziplock bag

  2. Mine is located in the left side cover

  3. Ok I’ll look at both of those places when I get it in. Thanks guys also how good are these programmers ? My main reason for getting it is I have Vance and Hines exhaust on it and I get some popping on deceleration and when I hit 5 gear it seems to fall on its face hoping this cures those problems

  4. Mine is velcro’ed to the inside of the left side cover

  5. Right under the seat i put my PC3

  6. I have the power Commander mounted under the seat at the back of tank. In a pouch. They test them by hooking them up and throwing the unit in a bucket of water.

  7. Mine is under the seat

  8. Mounted my controller in the tool compartment

  9. Mine is under the seat. Cleaned the plastic “battery cover” and Velcro’d it in place. Never had and issue with it moving

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