2016 WR 450 2 different sets of clutch plates?


2016 wr 450 Why is there 2 different sets of clutch plates…ie there’s number 8 and 12 which are friction plates then 7 and 13 which are metal plates…but why different part numbers for each and why the specific order to which they fit… Also what us the purpose of the part number 14.clutch spring,I’ve never seen that before

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  1. The friction plates (number eight) have a larger internal diameter because of where they sit in the pack. The 2 inner most have to cover the diaphragm spring and back of the clutch hub. The outer most has to seat on a land on the inside of the clutch pressure plate. The diaphragm spring is to help with clutch feel I believe.

  2. Thanks bud,got it now,all makes sense now its explained……we had a wr450 2016 loose drive after a steep hill climb yesterday and was looking for a reason before disassembly

  3. Yeah, just make sure it all goes back in the correct way and you’re laughing. ???? It might not need steels, but if it’s slipping that bad they might be warped. Check them for thickness and flatness on a flat surface. I drilled my clutch hub to try and allow a but more oil around the clutch. Aye, pretty sure I’ve seen his pic on Instagram! Could be all the clutch slips from big wheelies! ????

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