2003 goldwing and 07 aspen camper


this is how we do it. 03 goldwing and 07 aspen camper

2003 goldwing and 07 aspen camper

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  1. I like the way you do it!!!! 2017 is my year to motorcycle camp!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it!!!!

  3. That adds to four wheels ya know

  4. You did get the bike out?

  5. Awesome way to tour and economical.

  6. I have a question for you tent trailer campers. After setup do you secure the trailer so that you can go out riding and come back? It’s always made me a little nervous thinking about leaving the trailer unattended.

  7. I haven’t been tent camping long but have met some wonderful people where ever I camp. One night it was late and cold, windy and getting foggy, the family next to me invited me over for food drinks, and a kids bday cake. I had a great time.

  8. – well, ur doin it right….

  9. Used to have an Aspen but got hit from behind totaling everything out, including myself, so this is how I do it now.

  10. Here is the way I Roll. My 94 Wing. Over 175,000 miles and my 2002 Aspen.

  11. Here is how I roll. 2015 Boulevard C90T and my 2016 Aspen sentry camper. Was able to get just under 5,000 miles this last summer. Already planning for next summer!

  12. Now that’s cool ,like that air conditioner

  13. I’ve got an aspen classic and I love it. I don’t have the AC. I do love warm weather! I wear out a set of tires about every 3500 miles though…

  14. On the camper?

  15. Jerry, Yes I get about 3500 miles on the tires on the trailer. I took it around the dragon last year several times and wore them out even faster..:-) I get about 14K or better out of the tires on the bike. I put E4s on this go round. I’ll see how many miles I get out of these..

  16. I think i’ll put some better tires on it this time instead of the standard trailer tires.

  17. Dang man,I have put 12k on my Bunkhouse this year and the tires show no wear.

  18. Radials on a Trailer totally change the towing experience. I switched over and could not tell the trailer was behind me anymore. Great Idea.

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