Pop up tent trailer.


Thinking about going with a pop up tent trailer instead of cargo trailer to have a/c capability(wife). Who has what and what do you recommend?

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  1. I think I’m headed in the same direction. It’ll be interesting to see what they have to say.

  2. With a camper you are off the hard ground. Weighs a little more but your back will like it

  3. We loved our Timeout Deluxe!

  4. First was thinking about cargo and carrying everything. But with a tent trailer you could add a/c!!

  5. With these types you have cargo hold also

  6. Do your research decide what is/isn’t important to you. There are several good campers out there. Each with their own pluses and minuses. Ultimately it depends on you and what you are looking for.

  7. A small tent straped to your sissy bar is all you need, not something with AC!!!!!! Go to a motel 6!

  8. Portable AC in tent with cots

  9. The only problem with that AC is it adds moisture in the air instead of taking it out.

  10. We have tented from the bike, tented from a cargo trailer and now have a tent trailer. All are great but the comforts of a tent trailer are really appreciated. We have an Aspen Classic. Can’t say I researched it but we got lucky. King size bed is great if you are a bigger guy. Never used the A/C but it is set up for it. Good luck!!

  11. We went with a roll a home. Pop up, lots of storage below and above and is ac capable.

  12. PM me your address and I will send you a brochure on the Aspen Camper. I think it’s the best on the market. Yes I sell them but I owned one long before a started selling them. More storage, tent doesn’t take up any storage, storage is still available when set up. Setup time in under 5 minutes, plus many other features.

  13. Another option is a cot tent carried on bike…

  14. Love the timeout. Totally off the ground

  15. youtube motorcycle campers and join motocampers

  16. Try looking up a cheap option for A/C foam cooler, a fan and some PVC pipe and a small fan maybe even a 12VDC fan really does work as long as you can buy ice at a camp.

  17. 98 kwik kamp, not made anymore but timeouts are very similar. Being older and busted up a few times, the bed is a big plus. Plenty of room to haul everything I

  18. With Roll A Home , you become family . Great product and great folks to do business with !

  19. Just stay at a hotel.

  20. Holiday Inn

  21. We went with a bunkhouse LX great camper

  22. Our first tent trailer was a timeout, and we moved up to a king size aspen. Love the storage under the bed and easier to put away

  23. You can put a a/c on a cargo trailer, take one off of old travel trailer

  24. My wife and I have used our Bunkhouse LX King size tent trailer for our ministry and personal camping needs. It has about 17,000 miles and has been set up about forty eight times with no problems. We have a LG 6500 BTU a/C with heat and enjoy the bed off of the ground. Storage under the bed holds nearly everything. My wife rides a Spyder and pulls the CanAm Spyder trailer which is like the biggest trunk you ever saw and it carries everything else.

  25. KD Cycle in Alabama has a nice Used Camper For Sale for $1500.
    Talk to Kevin tell him I sent you.

  26. Leesure-Lite… that is all

  27. RollaHome only way to go

  28. If your in Ms. We have one and are in McComb if you want to see one before you buy

  29. Aspen Classic by Trailmaster

  30. Aspen camper with little AC unit. Works great.

  31. Be thankful that’s all she wants. I have to leave the bike at home and take this when my wife wants to go "camping" too! 😉

  32. Timeout works great.

  33. Aspen, you won’t regret it

  34. aspen is the best .

  35. Unless you have owned multiple brands of campers, the automatic answer to this question is the brand you own! EVERYBODY believes the brand they own is the best. Very rarely will you see someone bash the brand they own, be it a camper, motorcycle, car, truck or whatever. I had a Bunkhouse and loved it. Actually I owned 2 of them (not at the same time). Then I got a Lees-ure Lite and love it WAY more than the Bunkhouse, mostly due to the quick set-up and take-down, and the lighter weight.

  36. I have a timeout in now a mini mate both are great campers I just use each of them for different reasons.

  37. For ride and sleep the mini mate is great .if I will base camp will take as pen.fun of having both.

  38. I recommend keeping her, as long as you guys get along

  39. My wife has really bad asthma, so I got an ’09 Lee Sure lite with the factory frame and sleeve for the a/c. It works great! We got the smallest and lowest power draw a/c we could find. Momma can breathe on the muggiest nights and my uber quiet little honda genny can provide the power when we camp in a primitive site.

  40. Time out Camper it has a A.C. spot ready to go stands are available from them also.

  41. Why not both.

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