2002 YZF R1 replacing the stator


Looking for tips: 2002 replacing the Stator (pretty burnt), flywheel is not coming off… Tried the puller, hit the flywheel for shock, tried some other ways to pull it loose… Not budging… I didn’t pry on it, didn’t want to damage anything..

Any tips would be appreciated…

2002 YZF R1 replacing the stator

2002 YZF R1 replacing the stator

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  1. As much tension as possible on the puller, hit the centre of the puller

  2. Your using a bolt right?

  3. This is C4… it will get the job done

  4. Heat with torch and use puller

  5. Unfortunately a few of these end up getting grinded off, be carefull not to strip the threads….

  6. Stripped the threads on mine

  7. Had to drill some holes and thread them and use a steering wheel puller to get it off

  8. Bruce & I had a couple stubborn ones.. tried a variety of pullers with no luck until I got that bitch glowing with a fullsize oxy-acetylene torch.

  9. Silly question but hav u even took the bolt out the middle as its still in there on ur pic lol

  10. Make sure the battery is disconnected

  11. Exactly what was mentioned first. Get tension on the puller. Then hit the puller directly in the center with a heavy hammer. A wimpy claw hammer probably won’t do it.

  12. for the life of me , i couldn’t get mine off . i finally used a high air impact gun ( the big ones ) and it came off . the trick is not to hold back . i went full force . i guess the shock popped it off . took me 2 days just to get it off

  13. If you mess that rotor up, I have one for 150.00

  14. I remember I couldn’t get mine off. I just left the bolt in with pressure on it came back a day later and it popped off at some point when it was on there. Just pulled it off the after that and took the bolt out

  15. Good luck let me know, I have to do mine too.

  16. Give it a good smack with a copper hammer it will come

  17. Thanks everyone for the good info… I went with the Torch and it worked… Cherry red but it’s free… JUST KIDDING…

    Buddy showed up with 20v 1/2 drive, hit it full blast and it was off in less then a second…

    You know what they say about having the right tools on deck…

    Thank you!!!

  18. Out with the old, in with the new and it’s back on the road again…

  19. Tiffany Renee Mouser

  20. It’s mad how they always burn out in the same place. I’m very sure it’s because of the vent hole in the casing blasting the coils with extra heat.

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